This Hilariously Relatable Text Fight Between Two Sisters Sums Up What It’s Like To Have A Sibling


If you have a sibling, you know what it’s like to fight and make up pretty damn fast. My brother and I have perfected the art of insulting each other and complimenting one another in the same breath. I’m convinced it’s just kind of a sibling thing.

One of the biggest fights you can have with a sibling, though, is when you borrow one another’s things without asking. Every time I find anything of mine in my brother’s room, I go off — which, of course, makes him go off, too.

Trinity Hartman (aka lil fanta on Twitter) encapsulated the whole sibling experience pretty well with one simple screenshot of a fight she and her younger sister Jordan via text. The sisters, who their mother told Buzzfeed are “frenemies”, definitely show the love/hate relationship most siblings have.

Okay honestly if you’ve ever had a sibling, you know exactly how common this is. This is so me it hurts.

Other people on Twitter decided to share their own sibling fights to show that honestly, this is just a normal part of being forced to hang out with the same person for the majority of your life.

You know how the saying goes — you can’t live with them, you can’t live without them. I’m about 98% sure whoever said that probably really meant for it to be about their siblings.