Date Someone Whose Love For You Is Undeniable


They won’t need time to decide whether or not they’re going to date you. They’ll happily take a chance on you–even despite really crappy or scary previous relationships–because they’ll know you’re worth the risk.

They won’t be afraid to admit their feelings to you. They’ll enjoy having an open dialogue with you and knowing you’re both on the same page. They’ll be just as crazy for you as you are for them.

They won’t hide you from their family or friends. In fact, they’ll be so fucking proud to show you off to everyone because they’ll want the people they care about to meet you and like you as much as they do. They’ll gladly talk to these important people about you and have so many positive things to say.

They won’t take days to respond to messages or phone calls; you’ll get replies within a reasonable time because what you have to say matters to them and they wouldn’t ever dream of leaving you hanging.

When they get good news, they’ll want to share it with you ASAP because they know you’ll feel happiness similar to their own.

When they get bad news, they’ll still want to share it with you because they know you’ll have their back, no matter what life throws their way.
When you’re crying because you’re sad, they’ll do everything in their power to make you feel better by making you laugh… and then you’ll cry all over again, but for a better reason.

They’ll want to help you all the time, even with little things where they have no clue how, just because they care about you THAT much.

They won’t forget what really matters to you, whether it be an anniversary, birthday, your favourite foods, plans that you made together or anything you deem really important. Because the things that really matter to you also really matter to them.

When they make a promise, they’ll actually see it through. You know you can trust them with anything and rely on them during difficult times. You know you could tell them everything and trust they wouldn’t share things unnecessarily.

They’ll never choose anyone other than you, even if they had the opportunity to do so. They’ll never feel like they’re just “settling” to be with you. You’ll be the person they’ve been waiting for and they’ll be over-the-moon to have you in their life. They’ll be so thankful and feel lucky to have you and everything you have to offer.

They won’t ask for space or tell you you’re too “clingy” because they’ll want it just as much as you.

They’ll like you even when you don’t make the “effort” to look good; on bad hair days, when you’re sweaty from running errands, or when you’re in unflattering clothes.

The sexual chemistry and attraction will be so off-the-charts between the two of you that you’ll wonder if this is what you’ve been missing out on all your life. It won’t matter what you look like because they’ll always want you, on any given day. In fact, it won’t matter so much what you look like because they’ll love and be attracted to everything on the inside.

Your life will completely change, and mostly for the better. Will this relationship be perfect? Definitely not.

But the “right” person won’t put you down during an argument; they’ll actually listen to what you have to say, because they’re mature enough to know that there are two sides to every story.

They’ll know how to “agree to disagree”, and not believe that their ways, thinking or methods are the only ones that exist.

They won’t constantly (or unnecessarily) criticize your choices in life, such as what you eat or what you wear; the places you go and especially not the things that you really like or matter to you the most. They might not be a fan of some of your favourite things, but they’ll still support you.

They’ll know how to keep their anger in-check and have a proper conversation with you, even when they’re really upset. And despite overwhelmingly negative feelings, they’ll still love you even during these difficult moments.

They’ll never hold grudges or be petty and revisit old arguments when you’re both working towards solutions to make things better.

They won’t let you or themselves go to sleep angry, because they know life isn’t guaranteed and they’d never want to leave things with you on a bad note.

They’ll always want the very best for you, just like you want for them.

Find your “right” person, because none of us deserves anything less.