What It’s Like To Be Best Friends With An Introvert


Life is never easy for an introvert, because silence can be interpreted as one-hundred different things. Silence is never just silence. Other people might think of your silence as arrogance, shyness, pride, or sadness.

The same goes for being alone. When there are more extroverts than introverts around, being alone is taken as a sign of being anti-social. It’s never a positive sign, which becomes a problem, because remaining silent and alone are two characteristics of introverts.

So what is it like to be friends with an introvert? Despite common belief, introverts are not actually anti-social. They just have a reserved personality and don’t like share their time with everyone. If they are sitting with you and talking, or not talking but just sitting with you, trust me, you’re really special to them.

One thing I have learned about introverts is that they will never make the first move. They will never be the one to come to you. They are never going to approach you first, not today, not tomorrow, not next month or next year, not even when you have been friends for ten years. And the reason is not that they dislike you, but that they prefer to be alone. They prefer to read a book by themselves or watch a thriller on Netflix. They need their private time. That is what it’s like to live an introvert’s life.

Introverts are highly sensitive people, which is probably due to their observational skills. They believe that things are not always as they seem, and that there is always something hidden “behind-the-scenes.” That’s why they constantly observe you and will notice whenever there is something slightly unusual going on.

I you have an introvert in your life, you should feel lucky, because they are highly observant and intellectual. They don’t easily forget and will always notice the things that you wouldn’t look at twice, which could really be helpful to you.

Introverts don’t show how they feel on their faces, but they are the most emotional people around. Plus, they read a lot and a reader is always good company. If they call you a friend, then you don’t have to doubt their friendship for one second, because introverts only socialize with people they truly care about.