Do No Be Afraid Of Life


Life comes in waves. Waves of shadows and sparkles, waves of tears and joy. At times, hardness sets in, pressing down on you into the darkness. At times softness rests gently upon your shoulders like a feather floating in the breeze.

In the golden moments, you will feel overflowing and full, high on life’s beauty and bountifulness. Then there are the more painful moments, during which you may feel empty and lost.

The seasons change. Sometimes you flow through them, opening your heart to newness and growth. Other times you find yourself falling behind, not changing in line with the stars, feeling stuck on something in your past.

You are human. You will always be moving through the seasons. You will always be facing both beauty and despair. You will always be a riptide of emotions, rushing in every direction. Sometimes you will be pulled under, and other times you will be washed ashore.

When life is hard, love more. Love is more powerful than is darkness. Let others bask in the warmth of all of the love you have to give.

Be vulnerable and honest, and be fiercely compassionate. Forgive others. Forgive yourself. Hold yourself to a standard of grace, rather than one of perfection.

When life is soft, flow. Flow like the river, washing through and around obstacles. Flow like the sunlight, covering the earth with warmth and goodness. Let the goodness rush through you and around you.

The hardest days tend to become little bit easier when you walk lightly through the world. The darker days tend to become a little bit lighter when you forgive yourself for being human.

You have nothing to fear.

Just like the moon, we are still ourselves through all of our phases. And just like the earth, our own lightness always follows our darkness.

Morning after morning, the sun never fails to come out, time and time again.