Do Not Feed A Longing Heart


A longing heart is insatiable
It will constantly crave elements
That can keep it in a state of delirium
To relive brief moments of euphoria

Elements could be moments
Most times tied to a person
A gaze, a hug, a touch
Locked lips, tangled bones & overdrive
A longing heart does not choose
A longing heart is ravenous
& At the height of desolation
Even hurtful exchanges, anger
Screaming, crying
Could serve as a relief
For the quality of the moment matters no more
So long as it can bring out an illusional presence
Of that person

A longing heart needs to fight its own symptoms
& Abstinence is the only solution
Let it torment your soul, screw your mind
Its suppose to hurt before it gets better
Until then,
Do not feed a longing heart
Let it break
Let it shatter

It’ll soon be well again