The Good Times Are When I Miss You Most


I miss you at the crack of dawn
Sun barely risen, I lay half awake
An hour behind your world
Waiting as you get down to your weekday grind
Waiting for you to get on your journey
Waiting for our first hello of the day
Forty-five minutes of hearing about your dreams
Each moment too precious to miss.

I miss you during my travels
Enriched in spirit by what the world has to offer
Have them captured and ready
Waiting for you to get through work at godspeed
Waiting for you to take a breather
Waiting for you to see them all
Every breath that had left me wanting more
Much like the ones I had spent with you.

I miss you during my successes
An achievement unlocked, a firm step forward
Another day closer to the future I had envisioned.
Waiting for you to hear the good news
Waiting for you to be happy for me
Waiting for you to say “I’m proud of you.”
For each time I win and you’re still here
To me is a step forward in itself.

I miss you in all of my good times
But those times have become far and few between
Is that a good thing though?
Perhaps soon enough,
I’ll miss you no more.