Do You Remember Us?


Do you ever think about the first time we ever met?

Do you ever think about those small looks in the bus?

Back when we didn’t know each other. Back when we were strangers but neighbors. I, the new girl, who went to four high-schools and would attend the last one in your little german town came with no expectation of meeting someone I would end up loving.  And you the boy who always wanted to love but couldn’t find the right one to love.

Do you ever think about the time we Met? The official date and time?

You picked me up. Both of us shy and anxious. I stumbled in between my words and couldn’t get a full sentence out. I think the first thing I said was “hi, I’m good. My phone is broke…and so…”. I couldn’t find the German words so then I spoke English and you smiled and chuckled.

Do you remember us at the waffle place?

We sat in the middle of the cafe surrounded by at least 4 girls. I remember feeling self-conscious, because they were so pretty and I couldn’t help but compare myself. You leaned in and looked at me the entire time. I think there wasn’t a moment where you looked away. It was just you and me in that cafe. I remember getting up at one point to go to the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, fixed myself and just let myself breathe for a second. The bathroom was a little further behind our table, and so when I walked out I saw you sitting there. You looked at your reflection in the glass window fixing your hair and waited. I watched you for a little while and sat back down. It was just you and me in that cafe that day.

Do you remember the first I love you?

My head was rested on your chest and I whispered, “I need to tell you something but it’s weird and I’m scared and I don’t know”. You looked at me, kissed my forehead and said “I love you too”.

Do you remember our first vacation?

The restaurants, the beaches, the music, the fights and the love.

Do you remember our first heartbreak?

When we said goodbye not knowing what will become of us. When I’ll come back. If I’ll come back and if we will last? Do you remember the red and glassy eyes?

Do you remember the surprise visit?

When you came from Germany and visited me in my little college town. That day you wouldn’t answer my calls. You barely talked to me and I was so angry. Until you finally called and said “I’m here.” There you were in front of my classroom, walking up to me with glassy eyes. I’ve never felt a hug that warm.

I hope you remember those little moments because I do. And because of that I know that I love you. Because I remember every detail of you and me.