This Is The Kind Of Passion I Want With You


Vincent van Gogh once said, “I would rather die of passion than of boredom.”

Do you think there is never-ending passion in love? What is in passion in love?

Is it the endless kisses and touches? Is it the craving for the other person?

For a long time, that’s what I thought passion was — the fire that is depicted in the movies and what everyone seems to want.

But what I want out of passion is exploration.

Let me explore every inch of you. Let me explore the world with you. Let’s talk about things we shouldn’t talk about. Let us walk through the museum of life, understanding and contemplating everything we see.

I want to sit with you in that cafe in the Vincent van Gogh painting. Do you know the one? The one in the south of France with the mellow lights. A little gem in the middle of a bustling city. Let us sit right in the middle of it all and talk.

I want to climb mountains with you and scream once we are at the top.

I want to sit quietly in the desert with you while we watch the stars. I want to feel small under the stars and let the stress of my single being fade away for a couple of minutes.

I never want to stop chasing passion, knowing that I’ll never really fully reach it, but that’s okay.

Passion is wondering. It is fighting. It is loving. It is never wanting to stop fueling each other with knowledge and curiosity.

That is what I want in love. Not only passion for each other, but passion for the exploration of the world that we are in.

And I want to do it all with you.