Do You Wanna Make A Movie With Roman Coppola? Here’s How You Can Do It!


As a writer, I feel like I get most of my inspiration while traveling. Whether it’s when I’m on an airplane or sitting in some hotel feeling a vague sense of Lost In Translation-esque isolation, I feel most creative when I’m in new and weird surroundings, when I’m inhabiting a life that feels temporary and doesn’t necessarily feel like mine.

It makes sense then that Roman Coppola and his production company, The Directors Bureau, would team up with Intel and W Hotels to launch a short film series and competition entitled Four Stories. Each short film will last up to ten minutes and take place in one of four gorgeous W hotels (Maldives, Doha, Mexico City, or Washington D.C.), giving you the opportunity to create a script that’s inspired by travel, technology, and the uniqueness of hotels. Using one of the W hotels as the setting for your story allows you to explore interesting themes of creativity and temporary human connection.

Are your wheels turning? Do you have an idea in mind? Then write the script and submit. If your story gets selected, you could be making a movie with the co-writer of such delectable films as Moonrise Kingdom which is, you know, NBD. Here are the guidelines:

  • Since your script will be filmed at one of the aforementioned W hotels, familiarize yourself with them and take advantage of the chic interiors and exotic locations.
  • Your script must feature an Intel-inspired Ultrabook as a central component to the story. How you incorporate the Ultrabook into your script is totally up to you, but keep in mind that at the heart of Four Stories is the power of human relationships, and the ability to connect and create wherever and whenever inspiration strikes you.
  • Your script should not exceed ten minutes in length.
  • Full competition rules can be found here.

If your script is selected, you not only get a lifetime of bragging rights (“So what’ve you been up to?” “Oh, I’ve just been staying at the W and making this movie with Roman Coppola. I mean, it’s like, whatever.”) , the films will also premiere at red carpet events in select W Hotels destinations worldwide and be distributed online.

After you submit your script, check back for news and updates. There will be tons of videos to watch and stories to read along the way, including profiles of the judges, filmmakers, winning screenwriters, behind-the-scenes making-of videos, features on the best hotel stories in film history, and a lot of other cool stuff.

And, FYI, if your script does get selected, I’m coming with you in your carry-on luggage. I love a luxury hotel + Roman Coppola moment.