Does Your Heart Beat? Then You Have A Purpose


Stop soul searching for your “purpose.” Your purpose is already here. If your heart is beating, you are alive. If you are alive, then you have a purpose. You don’t need to fulfill millions of accomplishments, or reach goal after goal to have a purpose. Trying to manipulate your life or your purpose, or even trying to formulate a definition of your purpose here on earth will inevitably lead to heartbreak.

The world has intoxicated our minds into believing that our value and our purpose are both attained through reaching predetermined, materialistic goals. Society emphasizes that we only have purpose if we accomplish our set about goals. And it’s not just about meeting these goals. It’s about meeting life’s milestones in order, like stepping stones, leaving us to believe that if we fall behind, we are screwed. We create life expectations based on these predetermined time lines, thinking that somehow these are what will give us purpose, or these are what will take us to the grand prize. The trophy. The end of the rainbow. Or whatever it is that we all think will be our very own nirvana.

We believe that these stepping stone accomplishments and goals are what will make us worthy or extraordinary. But worthy of what? We already are extraordinary.

When you’re 89 and looking back on your life, do you really want to see a check list of your “accomplishments” listed off in size 12 Times New Roman font? Do you want to see a precise list of check boxed yes or no answers? If we focus solely on concrete achievements that are simply societal constructions, we will inescapably lose ourselves along the way. We lose the premise of what life should be about: living. Being here. Having gratitude for what is right in front of us. Loving. Caring. FEELING.

Searching for purpose when you already have purpose…when you already ARE purpose… is simply not a fair fight. It’s not even a battle. It cannot be won. And even if you fight to the death to “win” this so-called battle of purpose, won’t the losses outweigh the win anyways? What if you were so caught up in this grandiose idea of purpose, success, wealth, beauty, perfection, etc. that you utterly lost all of the spectacular little mysteries and treasures that a passion driven life could have offered you?

Nothing ever really turns out how we think it will…even if we try our best to force it to. You have no idea what is coming your way. None of us do. Things happen every day, and whether they are in our control or they are not, we have no idea what the universe has in store for us.

But please always have faith. Remember that uncertainty is a blessing in disguise. While sometimes it feels like the whole world is caving in on you, and the fear of the unknown swallows you up, you have to remember that the blank pages ahead of you are all parts of your unwritten story. These blank pages will become full of magical, unexpected words and details. Something is going to fill them up.

No matter if you overthink every aspect of life, or if you let your intuition guide you, your life is going to happen. Your purpose is going to be unveiled. So have faith in yourself and let yourself be inspired

So let your life be guided by love… who you love, what you love, and how you love. . Allow yourself to love your life. Allow yourself fall in love with places you have been, places you will go, and the very place you are in at this very moment. No matter if it is good or bad. Fall in love with yourself. Fall in love with your flaws. Fall in love with both the ups and downs in life.

Find inspiration from within. Learn that goodbyes are only temporary, and love is forever. Learn that you are here for a reason. Learn that your purpose is you. You are your purpose. And learn that no matter how your life unfolds, as long as you follow your heart, you can’t really go wrong. It will be impossible to truly mess up a life that is so uniquely designed to you. But it will be possible to touch infinite hearts, and to make an eternal impact on this world.

And please, above all, don’t forget to touch your own heart too.

Give into the universe sometimes… the laws of the stars and the constellations. Knowing that there is something out there that has your back is sometimes all the reassurance you will need. Embrace everything you can and choose your path as you go. Make decisions, and make lots of them. But never forget that ultimately, the chaos and the uncertainty of life is what makes life what it is. You must surrender to what is out of your control, and have faith that what is in your control will lead you to your best self. If you follow whatever it is that makes your soul dance or your heart dream, your life will be guided into the most spectacular adventure that you could ever dream of.

Choose to live in the grey. You will have your heart broken. You will lose people you care about. You will lose things you were once passionate about. And it will hurt. But through these experiences, the universe will teach you how to see the light in the darkest of times, and how to gather up the strength to open your mind to the unimaginable. Brilliant things are always right around the corner, though quite often in places we never expect them to be. Let yourself be guided by your intuition, your heart, and your soul. Let your life be guided by love. You are far from ordinary; and you are enough by just being you. There’s no one else out there like you.

You don’t have to do something spectacular to make your mark on this world, because you already are spectacular. So make your mark. Be the most vibrant, exhilarating, effervescent, shining, quirky, beautiful version of yourself that you can be. And you will touch many hearts. You will touch the world. You will change the world. And you will have your purpose.