Donald Trump’s Son Can’t Stay Away From Twitter Right Now And It’s Getting Messy As Hell



Right now, Former FBI Director James Comey is testifying in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee about his interactions with President Trump and so far, it seems that Trump’s lawyers and family have been able to keep him off of Twitter but the same can’t be said for Donald Trump Jr. who has been live-tweeting the event. (There are even jokes that President Trump is using his son’s phone to fire off the tweets himself.)

Anyway, here are the strangest things DT Jr. has said so far.

1. He says he knows his father and that if his father were to pressure Comey, there would be no ambiguity about it. Strange defense, but whatever.

2. He uses an emoji while talking about (arguably) the most important Senate hearing of our lifetime.

3. He selectively quotes Comey to prove his own point.

4. He compliments Marco Rubio, who ran against President Trump for the Republican nomination. Reminder: President Trump routinely belittled Rubio by calling him “Little Marco”.

5. He uses the term “Nothing Burger”.

6. He retweets a tweet describing the Russia investigation as a “hoax” even as F.B.I. continues their investigation.