This Guy Came Up With This Creative Solution To His Ant Problem And People On Twitter Think It’s Hilariously Genius


These ants don’t stand a chance.

If you’ve ever had an ant problem, you know how frustrating it is to get it under control. But when this man realized the poison traps he set out for them weren’t working, he decided to get creative and gentrify the little ant neighborhood.

That’s right β€” Pat Tobin cleverly disguised the poison traps as hip, cool stores to fit certain demographics in hopes of getting the ants to drop in.

For those ants looking for a nice, chill night.

For those ants just looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle (sorry, ants).

For those ants trying to get a jumpstart on life.

For the ants just looking to have a good time.

Of course, people thought the whole thing was pretty wild.

We kinda wish we could visit these stores β€” that is, if they were actual stores and not potentially lethal poison traps.

But honestly, I’m just here for the jokes.

Hey, at least it seemed to work!

You know, screw it, maybe I’ll give it a try, too.