Donna Meagle: Queen Of Parks and Rec and Everything Else


This is yet another “best of” Parks and Recreation character post, but one of you lovely commenters suggested I call it “Donna Meagle: Queen of Everything” and who am I to say “no” to that? Donna, played by the hilarious and pop-culture loving Retta, is one of the tertiary characters on the show and may not be as well known as Leslie or Tom, let’s say. But she’s one of the more subtle, best parts of the show and she steals every scene she’s in. If you’re a diehard P&R fan, you know Donna is where it’s at.

Here are some of my favorite Donna Meagle moments:

1. Live Tweeting


Like Retta herself, Donna enjoys live-tweeting terrible movies. This one is Death Canoe 4, where Donna has some choice opinions on the dumb-ass antics of the movie’s characters. But her tweets get her into trouble with Morris (Yay, Joe Mande!) who says she needs to add a spoiler alert. But Donna don’t take crap from nobody.

2. Laying the Smackdown on Ron


When Ron Swanson starts acting a fool, only Donna’s harsh words can snap him out of it. The aside about her brother makes me laugh so hard.

3. Treat Yo’ Self


I talked about this in Tom’s “best of,” but I’d be remiss to leave it out of Donna’s. It’s her special day too and besides she got herself a crystal beetle. Girl knows how to do it up right.

4. Donna Consoles Chris


One look is worth a thousand words here. I mean, he is Rob Lowe. Get it, girl.

5. Took My Talents To South Beach


Andy interrogates Donna on whether or not she took a company computer but Donna was in Miami that weekend. She took her talents to South Beach.

6. Mercedes Broken Window


When Ron gets shot, Donna starts screaming and Ann is worried that she, too, is suffering a health problem. But it turns out her baby’s the one that’s been injured. Her baby Mercedes Benz, that is. Her reaction seems pretty appropriate.

7. Lose Him

When Ann Perkins needs dating advice, why not turn to the super-confident Donna Meagle? Donna doesn’t play games and she’s down to “use him, abuse him and lose him.” Solid.

Bonus: Jean-Ralphio


I actually love the relationship between Jean-Ralphio and Donna. I could see them hooking up and her teaching that scrawny white boy a thing or two. Though Retta doesn’t say anything in this scene, her face is spectacular.

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