Don’t Believe Those Who Tell You That Love Is Boring 


“I would do anything to be single again. Commitment is boring, trust me, it’s not that much fun on the other side” blurted my friend over dinner.

I hear that a lot from a lot of women who are in serious relationships claiming to miss the single life and the freedom that comes with it but I’m pretty sure if they actually went back to the single life, they’re going to hate it and long for the ‘boring’ relationships they were once in, because they’re simply taking what they have for granted.

I don’t believe that relationships become ‘boring,’ they just kind of fall into place. The routine, getting used to each other’s bad habits, spending too much time together, fighting or running out of things to talk about are all part of the package. Because it’s really not that much different from your relationship with your best friends, yet you never say you’re bored of your best friends.

Love is only boring when you’re with the wrong person, it’s only boring when you’re settling and it’s only boring when it’s not reciprocated.

But other than that, love is anything but boring, love is exciting, it’s exhilarating, it’s deep, it’s passionate, it’s funny, it’s weird or maybe crazy but it’s also therapeutic.

So don’t tell me that I’ll be bored when I’m in love because even the most boring moments should be cherished when you’re with someone special. Even the most mundane activities mean so much when you have the right person by your side.

Because the beauty of love is not in the extraordinary things or the grand gestures, it’s in the little everyday moments, in the details of the day and the silence of the night, in the sunrises and the sunsets when you’re thankful to have a hand to hold.

So don’t let anyone tell you that love is boring, don’t let them take the beauty of love away from you because you will start to believe that maybe your idea of love is distorted and maybe the reality of love is not that promising based on the stories you hear, but don’t listen to these stories.

Listen to the real stories, listen to the stories of change and compromise, of someone becoming a better person because of their partner, of someone finally coming out of their depression because they found someone who helped them love themselves, of people healing from heartbreak because someone loved them right.

Listen to the stories about how love changed people, how it saved them, how it turned their life around and how it gave them hope and renewed their faith in life and in God.

Because these are the stories that matter, these are the stories that show the significance and power of love, these are the stories that prove to you that love is never boring — that love is art.