If You Are Doing These 5 Things, You Are Right On Track With Life


1. You are falling in and out of love.

If you are hurting, healing, or rapidly loving, you are right where you need to be. Your success in life will depend on how much you allow yourself to be a human, and that’s exactly what love allows people to do. Whether it be a new relationship starting, or an old one ending, falling in and out of love is a sign of survival and it defines our human experience. If you are falling in and out of love, you are alive.

2. You are gaining friends, and losing some.

You know when you are evolving because some people will grow with you, and some will not. If you are not making new friends or losing some of your old ones, you are in a stagnant space and that will slow down all of your goals and life plans. Continue to be open to friendship and also be open to the departure of them.

3. You are doing SOMETHING that makes you feel good.

Goals. Goals. Goals. What are you working towards? Did you just have a dream you were a personal trainer and now you’re hitting the gym every night? Did you just dream of the perfect movie idea and now you are Googling who to talk to about it? GOOD! Keep dreaming; do not shy away new ideas for yourself. Be on the move, get in to the gym, decide you’re going to be a writer and start submitting articles to Huffington Post or Medium. If you are discovering your inner passions and embracing your intentions you are exactly where you need to be in life.

4. You are learning something new.

This one is easier to obtain if you are a student and enrolled in school, but it applies to everyone. Keep your mind curious. Even if you are not in school and school is totally not your thing, start getting obsessed with TedTalks, become interested in a sport and learn all about it challenge your vulnerability and start dating. Navigate yourself and different parts of the world, on your own terms.

5. You know how to give yourself a break.

This doesn’t have to be as complicated as going to therapy three times a week and trying to overcome your social anxiety, this could simply be treating yourself to a glass (or a bottle) of wine after a productive day. Know how to celebrate yourself, put the pressure on, and know how to relax. If you know you are worthy of a massage, a beer, or a nap, you are right on track with life and going in the right direction.