Don’t Let Reason Dictate What’s Possible For You In Life


“Start by doing what is necessary, then what’s possible, and suddenly you are doing the impossible.” — Francis of Assisi

Think of a problem you’re currently facing. Have you tried to overcome it? If your efforts have failed, are you willing to consider correcting your thoughts about the situation? It’s common that when problems and challenges arise, we fixate on the issue trying to find a solution. After all, we live in a three-dimensional world and our problems are real. But I’d like to propose another faculty to help us overcome our problems. This faculty is the power of the human imagination, which is a precursor to our upcoming future. To prove this idea, have you ever ruminated on negative thoughts that eventually became a reality? Psychologists call this confirmation bias, where our beliefs and values confirm our thoughts. Neville Goddard was one of the first self-help authors to express these ideas during the late 1930s to early ‘70s. He went to great lengths to support the idea of the human imagination being God, working through mankind.

I’ve studied his work for the last decade, and while I agree with his philosophies, there’s some I disagree with, given our understanding of physics and consciousness. One of Neville’s popular sayings is: “Remember, everyone in your world is yourself pushed out. They only reflect what you have been and maybe still are doing. Blame no one, not even yourself, just change your diet. The diet is simply words, all within you.” The premise is that our conscious or unconscious thoughts will be expressed in our life. Now, so I’m not misunderstood as preaching a New Age field of mysticism, I don’t want you to take my word for it, but explore what I’m proposing in this article. My intention is to empower you with greater choice and freedom, particularly if this information is new to you. Neville repeatedly stated, “To change the state of mind, you change what you focus on and seek only to guide your thoughts and feelings in the direction of your desires and not on the evidence of your senses. This is what keeps us trapped.”

This is the basis of this article—not allowing your senses and reasons to dictate what is possible for you. So, back to the problem I asked you about earlier. Chances are, you’ve been ruminating on the issue, using logic to solve it. Perhaps some of your efforts have worked, maybe others haven’t. Hence why I’m proposing an alternative way to overcome our problems by exploring a higher dimension. Again, Neville reminds us, “Once you feel and or believe your desire has already come true, it is instantly created in the fourth dimensional world and will come to you in time.” To do this, we spend time throughout the day or before sleep, imagining what we want to create in place of our problems. We invoke the power of our imagination and use emotion to bring to life a future possibility that yet exists. The key principle here is consistency. We must be consistent in our practice until our desires become reality.

I realize this may sound unbelievable and it certainly took me a while to embrace. The proof lies in putting it to the test. Throughout my research of Neville Goddard’s work, many have spoken of him as the originator of the Law of Attraction, well before it was popularized via the film The Secret. But what does this mean to you, insofar as overcoming problems? It requires tapping into the power and field of the subconscious mind to bring to life unseen realities. It is the notion of shape-shifting the future and directing it through our creative intelligence. Neville Goddard proposed that God or the universe is dreaming through us via our imagination. We don’t actually attract anything because everything already exists in an unseen dimension; we simply align our thoughts to bring it into existence. This is the premise of what many call The Holographic universe, which Elon Musk alluded to when he spoke of life being a simulation.

Other mystics have claimed that divinity seeks to express itself in form through mankind. I’m not asking you to embrace religion or a God outside of you. I’m simply inviting you to appreciate that you are a powerful creator with powers beyond your wildest dreams. Again, do your due diligence and don’t take my word for it. Do the research, whether it be Neville Goddard or other New Thought teachers. Put it to practice, to see whether it works for you; this is the ultimate test. Neville used this premise with students who attended his lectures. He asked them to imagine themselves climbing a ladder for three nights and recite the words: “I will not climb a ladder.” A strange thing occurred—many of the students unconsciously found themselves climbing a ladder within days of this experiment. There’s a YouTube video depicting a former student of Neville talking about his experience with this experiment.

Neville would say: “Never accept anything as true and final unless it conforms to the ideal you desire to embody within your world.” That is, nothing is final or fixed and things can change unexpectedly. This has been evident in 2020 with the coronavirus, where the entire world was impacted and lives uprooted. The human imagination is powerful, and I urge you to explore these ideas further if this information resonates with you. We mustn’t allow what is taking place in our life, particularly unfavorable events, to dictate the course of our destiny. Nothing is final and nothing lasts forever, because what we’re experiencing is based on the accumulation of thoughts from the past. To change our future, we must rearrange our thoughts and visualize the future we wish to bring forth in our reality. After all, fate is merely the subjective influence of our thoughts to create that which is yet unseen in the third dimension.