I Love Myself Too Much To Stand Still


I love myself too much to settle. I’m not going to allow comfort to trick me into remaining in one place. I’m going to continue moving forward, continue striving for more, continue fighting to reach my full potential. I’m not going to give up on myself or assume my journey is over. It’s never over. There’s always more to explore, more tidbits to learn about the world around me and about my own inner workings as well.

I love myself too much to accept toxic treatment. Love is not going to sway me anymore. I’m not going to make excuses for the people who hurt me. I’m not going to believe their empty promises and their halfhearted apologies. I’m going to take steps forward without them because they are only an anchor, holding me back. I’m not going to dwell on what could have been with humans who are only capable of draining me.

I love myself too much to waste time in the wrong places. As scary as it is to move on and venture out on my own, it’s a better alternative to staying in a land where I feel unwelcome. It’s better than forcing myself to find scraps of happiness in a situation that isn’t built for me. I’m not going to cram myself into the wrong rooms like a puzzle piece. I’m going to find the places where I truly belong. 

I love myself too much to pretend everything is okay when I’m secretly falling to pieces. I don’t want to put on a lifelong play. I don’t want to have everyone in the world convinced of my happiness except for the person who matters the most — myself. I can’t keep up the charade. I can’t allow myself to focus on what others think of me instead of prioritizing myself.

I love myself too much to say this is as good as it gets. I’m not going to sell myself short. I’m not going to discount my abilities. I’m not going to act like it’s impossible for me to succeed so there’s no point in even trying. I’m not going to disrespect myself in that way. I’m going to hold myself with confidence, even when it’s a serious struggle.

I love myself too much to call it quits, to give up my dreams in favor of a simpler life. Yes, there will be setbacks along my journey. No, there won’t always be strong forward momentum. But the one thing that is certain is that I will always keep trying. I will never lose faith in myself. I will never give up out of fear that my best isn’t good enough. I’m too stubborn to quit. I’m going to chase after my wildest dreams until they become mine.

I love myself too much to stand still. I love myself too much to give up on trying to create a brighter life for myself and broaden my horizons. I love myself too much to settle for anything less than real happiness.