Don’t Let The Trust He Broke Keep You From Letting The Next Guy In


You trusted him. Against your better judgment, or maybe because you see the best in people, you decided to give him a chance. You thought he was different. You heard his sweet, candy-coated words and you believed them. You felt light-headed when he spoke, and thought it was love. You got wrapped up in his actions, his laughter, the way he made your heart beat all crazy. You thought he was worthy of seeing your whole heart. You thought he was a good one.

You thought wrong.

Sometimes it’s so hard to tell people’s true intentions. You hear their words, you see their lips moving and everything sounds so beautiful. You see the way they smile, feel how that little curve of their mouth warms your body, and you can’t tell the difference between genuine and a game.

It’s okay—we’ve all been there.

We’ve all been caught up in people who we never knew were playing us. We’ve all trusted the wrong one, all given our hearts to someone who hadn’t deserved it in the slightest.

You loved him, didn’t you?

You never thought that he could be that kind of person. You never thought that you’d find yourself here: mind spinning, wondering how, wondering why.

You believe people because why the hell would they be lying, right? It doesn’t make sense that he would say one thing and do another. That he would tell you he loves you if he didn’t mean it. That he would mess with your heart just to mess with it. Because he could mess around all he wanted without you, right? But he choose to be with you, right? You ask yourself this over and over and over until it makes you sick.

You trusted him, and he betrayed you.

Every word he said was a lie. Every promise was broken. Every action was fake. Every text message calculated. Every declaration of love was said not only to you, but to another girl, maybe to several girls. Everything you thought was real was not, not at all.

And it breaks your heart.

But it shouldn’t. It can’t. Don’t let it.

This man, this liar, this betrayer is not worth your time and energy, not anymore. He turned out to be someone who you cannot depend on, someone who isn’t right for you, someone who has wasted your time and broke you. And he doesn’t deserve the satisfaction of even knowing that you are hurt.

This man found his way into the deepest parts of you. You let him in, and he tore through you senselessly, never once thinking about your feelings or about what it meant that you trusted him. That you opened to him like you haven’t with anyone else.

This man has taken your heart and thrown it away. But now you can clean it, heal it, comfort it, strengthen it, and prepare it for the right man to love it better than he ever did.

He isn’t worthy of your tears, your pain, your anger. You cannot let yourself be bitter over trusting him. You can’t hang your head because you opened up to him, because you made a mistake, because you lost out on so much time being with the right one.

None of that matters anymore.

You trusted him and he was the wrong one. It’s over now. Now you rebuild. Now you let go. Now you are careful, but you don’t change yourself. You are not wrong for trusting him. He was words masked by lies and deceitfulness—there was no way you could have seen through that.

As much as your heart aches, please forgive yourself. This is just a blip on the map of your life and one day you will look back and hardly remember this moment, and hardly remember him.

What matters now, is how you pick yourself up. How you decide to move forward. How you choose to let go of pain. How you promise to love yourself into healing, and look for the man with the right intentions.

You are not stupid. Not naïve. Not foolish. Not unworthy. You are just a woman caught in a web, a web you have escaped from now. So gather your heart, gather your head, gather your happiness and carry it with you. You are no longer burdened by betrayal and lies. You are no longer in the grasp of a man who doesn’t care for you.

You are free.

You are free to love and move forward, so put this behind you and walk with grace and confidence. The right man is out there, and searching for you. Don’t be afraid to open your heart to him because he is worthy of all you have to give, and he will be nothing like the one before.