What It Means To Love A Girl Who Worries She Isn’t ‘Enough’


There is no one more loving on this earth than a girl who worries about whether she’s enough. She knows exactly what it is to feel alone, to worry about ever being loved — and she’s not going to let that happen to someone else. She will show you every day that you are deserving of all the love she has to give.

She will demonstrate through her words and actions the affection she feels for you. She will try to always make you feel good about yourself, even when you’re in a fight. She wants to protect you from those lingering doubts she knows all too well.

Her love is fierce. She won’t let you go because you’ve both had a bad day and things aren’t particularly easy. She is going to hold onto you and let you know that she’s in this for the rough times, too. She’s ride or die for the two of you.

When you have to worry that you are lovable, you do as much work as you can to be as lovable as possible, and then you work to make sure the people you love don’t feel this way.

What love means to her isn’t what it means to everyone else. It’s not disposable. She can’t order up another guy on Tinder because she doesn’t think love works that way. Real human connection doesn’t come around so often that it can be easily discounted. Love is valuable, guys who know how to love are valuable. These are things worth cherishing and protecting.