Don’t Let Time Be Your Biggest Enemy


Right now, what are you waiting for? What are you wishing to happen?

Think about, for a minute, how much time you spend every day, waiting for a certain time. Time is running out and we sit here wishing it away. We sit here talking about what we are waiting to happen, that party, that date, the weekend for god’s sake. Time is a ticking bomb, mostly each moment passes us without us even appreciating the life we are living right now.

What makes us alive is the simple fact that we die.

Yet, even though people die each and every day, most of us seem to think we are immortal. It won’t happen to me, we think, when we hear of being getting life threatening illnesses. That was a horrific once off accident we say when someone dies in a car crash. The truth is, we are no different to any of these people, at any given moment your life could be snatched from beneath you. Still, even knowing this, I’ll spend all day tomorrow waiting for the weekend. What can we do, how can we begin to live our life more ‘in the moment.’ It seems to me that when people are n near death experiences, or discover they have only a few months to live, they suddenly acquire a new passion for life, a new love of it.

So, I’ve thought of this.

Decide you know when you are going to die, give yourself an age, say 80. That means I have only about 60 years left, 60 years to laugh and cry and do all of the things I wish to do. When you think of how quickly your life has gone so far, putting a number on how long you have left makes it seem far too short.

It might, however, make you live every day a little brighter, enjoy every moment for a little longer. Because at the end of the day, how vulnerable are we, that our whole life depends solely on us taking our next breath. It is as simple as that. That day your waiting for, yeah, it may never come. That life you think will just suddenly appear for you, that most likely won’t just happen. You have to make it happen and make it happen now. We are constantly living in the future, we forget that we have the here and now. We forget that there is an urgency about life, that everything could change at any moment.

That life is ever evolving; you have to be careful before it slips away from you.

There’s only a certain amount of control that we have over anything in life. We cant predict the future, we can’t erase the past. All we have is here and now and if you spend too much time thinking about what’s ahead and what’s behind, your life will speed past you and leave you behind. Gather yourself, look in the mirror tomorrow morning and tell yourself to enjoy today. That’s all, just today. We all think we have forever. We all dwell, we all anticipate, but also, we can all live, we can all bring ourselves into the moment. Nothing can last forever, Unfortunately.

So go, go grab tomorrow with both hands, not just one.

Time is ticking.