Don’t Push Away What God Is Trying To Bless You With


Do you ever find yourself being so comfortable with something that you actually start to become accepting of it, even though it’s not healthy for you at all? You find yourself holding onto it and not wanting to let go because you think what you have is the only good thing you’ll ever receive. You think it’s the best you can get, but that is absolutely false. I must say I find myself doing this sometimes.

Do you ever just find yourself questioning that one really good person in your life? About how God blessed you with someone so pure and kind-hearted. Sometimes you think it’s too much for you or you think you’re not worthy of them and you push them away because you’re comparing it to your previous interactions, friendships, and relationships. You think it will never work out or go as planned because everyone else in the past let you down, but that is the mindset of the enemy, because God gives you exactly what you can handle and he’s trying to give you exactly what you need. Just know that it may start off uncomfortable. It may feel uncommon from your regular routine and past relationships.

It’s something new.

We feel awkward when something new suddenly starts to happen within our lives. We don’t like the feeling of transitioning and transforming. We want new things, new opportunities, and new people in our lives, but how can we do that if we can’t embrace the uncomfortable changes in our lives for something better and new?

Being comfortable is our safe place. It’s home. It’s where we can run to in a place of need or vulnerability. We don’t have to achieve much in this area. We are simply just comfortable and fine where we are.

Being uncomfortable is a threat to us. We become so afraid that we think it’s wrong. We think we don’t deserve it. We think it’s out of our league, when really God is shifting our perspective to receive new things and embrace it in every way possible. Our mind shifts from old to new.

Stepping out of your comfort zone can be fearful at first, but staying in your comfort zone forever will destroy you and keep you boxed into a mentality you were supposed to outgrow 20 years ago.

Holding onto what’s comfortable feels safe—sometimes too safe. It’s harming you more than it’s keeping you safe. It’s keeping your mindset stagnant and settled into what feels right but is actually wrong and bad for you.

Free yourself from it. Whatever it is, let it go and release yourself from it. You’ll feel so much more alive.

Sometimes holding onto what feels uncomfortable eventually gets released because it feels weird and unusual. It feels rare. It confuses you and makes you feel like you deserve less when God wants to give you more. It feels wrong, but it’s so right, and you’ll slowly start to see that if you just hold on.

Don’t push away what God is trying to bless you with, and don’t welcome in what God is trying to keep you from.

Be that risk taker that takes new heights and tries new things. You don’t have to jump off a skyscraper or a building to be a true risk taker. You just have to be okay with experiencing new things and embracing uncomfortable changes throughout the different seasons of your life.

You have to be willing to accept it and not deny it. You have to be willing to endure the truth and carry that truth in your heart knowing that you deserve more and that you are capable of receiving new things.

I believe in you. Spread love and be great.