When You’re In The Dark, I’ll Be There For You


It seems like you bump into the same people, just with different faces.

They all come in different forms and shapes, but they all still seem to be the same to you because everybody just takes your heart and leaves.

It seems like every person you run into only wants to take off and run away.

They take you and your sweet kindness for granted.

They overlook you and miss out on something so extraordinary.

People fail to notice you and fail to listen to your heart and what you’re actually trying to portray.

They don’t know how good you are, and every person seems to miss it every single time.

It may even make you question if you’re valuable enough.

But you’re beyond enough in a world so brittle and dry.

You’re the one who sets the record for being set apart from everyone else.

You’re the one who brings fire to the darkest places even within yourself.

You’ve always been the one to find a way.

You’ve always been the one to fight and not quit, no matter the odds, what people told you, or what people did to you.

You still fought.

I truly admire that and adore it in every way.

A lot of people let you down throughout your lifetime , so there’s not as much reliability in people as you expected.

You do a lot of things on your own.

You handle a lot of things on your own.

You fight your problems on your own.

You have that one safe place where you can freely express yourself and talk about anything.

You battle so many different demons, and sometimes they get the best of you.

The other times, you’re not letting darkness consume you—you’re fighting every demon that crosses you.

Sometimes you don’t know how you’ll ever make it out or survive those long nights, because your thoughts are the loudest when it’s dark and it becomes hard to seek for light when all you’ve seen most of your life is darkness.

You even try to keep yourself on your feet and busy during the day to tune out all those negative thoughts and places of discouragement.

You fight for better days and better nights, because somewhere, there’s still hope.

When you speak in a room full of people, they all still seem to chatter, not acknowledging your existence.

They’ll look at you as if they’ve seen a ghost, and that’s probably what you feel like when no one seems to see you or pay attention to your precious existence.

They miss out on your message and who you stand for as a person.

They miss out on the biggest opportunity and experience an even bigger loss.

But trust me when I say I notice every little thing you do.

I notice you trying to uplift every person around you, even when you’re not all that lifted yourself.

You get this satisfaction from giving other people joy before yourself.

But you amount to joy the same way you give out joy, and when you can’t give it to yourself, I will.

People may have told you no, but I’m here to tell you yes.

People may not have acknowledged you, but I pay attention to every small thing you do.

People may not have recognized you and blindly missed out on an opportunity, but I noticed you the first day we talked.

You caught my attention and I wanted to know more and more about you and who you really were as a person.

I wanted to reach the core, and I didn’t care about how dirty our friendship got.

On those days where you can’t battle demons, I’ll fight them for you.

On those long nights when you can’t seem to stop overthinking and can’t find the light, I’ll be the light to your shadows and ease your mind of worries.

On those days where you feel tired and weary of life, I’ll be the one to give you strength to keep you pushing forward.

On those long nights when you’re lost for words and feel like silently crying, I’ll be your shoulder to cry on, and you can call on me anytime.

On those days you feel like raging and letting everything out, I’ll be your listening ear.

When you’re in the dark, I’ll be there for you, because I know those places are difficult alone.

All your life, everyone has let you down, and everyone suddenly leaves.

You carry this mindset of thinking you have to be in the dark alone, because that’s when everyone leaves.

They don’t check up on you or bother to see if you’re still alive.

I’ll talk to you for hours, putting the biggest grin on your face just to make sure you’re doing okay always.

I’m here with you throughout the darkest places.

Not to run.

Not to hide.

Not to give up.

But to love you for you and fight continuously for the person that deserves it.

I’ll be there to make sure you make it out alive.

I’m not giving up on you like everyone else did.

I’m fighting for you because I believe in you, and the things that everyone else doesn’t see, I see.

You’re bigger than this fight and stronger than you think, and on the days you don’t see that, I will remind you over and over again.

I love you.