Here’s Everything You Need To Know About ECCIE, The Website That Actually Lets You Review Sex Workers


Known as “Yelp for Escorts,” Arizona-based has provided a highly unusual forum since 2009—just like Yelp allows people to review restaurants and Amazon lets you review books, ECCIE  permits those who use the services of sex workers to describe the pros and cons of their experiences.

Here are two sample reviews of customers’ experiences with a mature female escort named Teri:

Date: 2/9/16
Provider: Teri50
Phone: 7245415274
Email Address:
URL / Website:
City: Atlanta
State: Georgia
Address: Buckhead area
Appointment Type: Outcall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: Convo, LFK, DFK, FIV, BLS, DT, BBBJ, MPCFS, MSOG, COT
Session Length: 1hr
Fee: 250
Hair Length and Color: brown/blonde streaks I think, normal length past shoulders but mostly kept in a ponytail
Age: 55
Smoking Status: Non-Smoker
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: Nice body for her age, huge tits, curvy. Not a spinner or anything like that, def fits the curvy milf role and that’s what she advertises. Looks like pics are recent and accurate.
Recommendation: Yes

Date: 5/19/17
Provider: Teri50
User ID:: 59741
Phone: 724-541-5274
Email Address: NA
URL / Website:
City: San Antonio
State: Texas
Address: Med Center
Appointment Type: Incall
Did the Appointment take place at the agreed-upon time?: Yes
Activities: Convo, LFK, DFK, massive breasts worship, BBBJ, DATY, CFS, COT
Session Length: Hour
Fee: 250
Hair Length and Color: Shoulder length blonde
Age: 56
Smoking Status: I Couldn’t Tell
Ethnic Background: White/Caucasian
Physical Description: Pretty face, enormous natural breasts, shaven below , no tats or piercings that I noticed , great easy going personality,
Recommendation: Yes

Some claim that ECCIE—and similar sites such as The Erotic Review, NightShift, and Preferred411—provide a healthy public service by allowing consumers of sex to describe, in graphic detail, both positive and negative encounters with sex workers that include physical descriptions, hygiene, acts they will and won’t perform, and their skills at the erotic arts. Others say that such sites merely enable sex trafficking and the ongoing abuse of women.

However, such websites exist in a legal grey area. Although some say they effectively comprise “online solicitation” and describe practices that are technically illegal, there is no law against describing these practices. It’s the same with drugs—it’s illegal to possess and consume cocaine, but it’s perfectly legal to describe possessing and consuming it.

US Immigrations Customs Enforcement (ICE) assigns officers to scour websites such as ECCIE to detect illegal activity. According to ICE Special Agent David Marwell:

A lot of these internet websites are reflective of pure prostitution. Some of these websites have actual legitimate ways of means and services that they produce. So having these websites, looking into this aspect of the websites, doesn’t necessarily make the entire website seizable or being able to close it down. has forums that cover sex workers not only in the USA, but across the globe. And being that this is the internet, once something achieves success, along comes something else trying to take it down.

A reviewer on claims that ECCIE posts “fake reviews” and often will dox its clients:

This website will post fake reviews for there members and extort you to try to sell subscriptions! If you do not participate in there forums are discussions you have no say so about the matter! They will try to gain website traffic by posting your phone number on there [sic] website without consent. When a client searches your number there [sic] website will appear without your knowledge even tho you have no affiliation with them. When you email support to try to resolve the matter they will not contact you back. This website has only been up a year and has no creditability in the escort community. Reputable escort review websites charge to disclose this type of information but they are free because no one believes any reviews on there website! Be warned this company will post FAKE REVIEWS and try to capitalize off of your advertising dollars to your phone number!

A few years ago, an “anonymous blogger” calling himself “Ty Steel” set up a site called EccieLeaks that was devoted to demolishing ECCIE’s reputation. It claimed that ECCIE was run by “pimps” who participated in “human trafficking” and posted “fake reviews” in order to drum up business for its stable of prostitutes. In a subsequent defamation  lawsuit, ECCIE’s lawyer claimed that “Ty Steel” was bitter because he’d tried to set up a competing website that failed. According to attorney Kenton Hutchinson, EccieLeaks also copied and reprinted 80,000 pages of ECCIE’s content onto their site:

To a certain extent, it’s copied a substantial portion of the website. There are issues related to terms of use….Ty Steel has said that my clients are affiliated with certain spas and those are false statements. That is not true. They do own and operate this review site. They provide a forum where people can express their free speech and talk about these things, but that’s all they do. They don’t run any escort business, spa, massage parlor, anything like that. Their involvement is strictly limited to operating this website.

ECCIE’s lawsuit was successful, because the site still exists and thrives online, while EccieLeaks has vanished.

People in the “sex-positive” community might see ECCIE and similar sites as a way to self-police the sex industry. Others, who may be more concerned with women’s issues, might recoil in distaste at people reviewing women’s bodies like one reviews a restaurant burger. For now, ECCIE remains just legal enough to survive.