24 Reasons Why People Who Self-Doubt And Second Guess Are Powerful Beyond Belief


1. The day you stop doubting yourself is the day you stop growing.

2. Self-doubt is not the enemy. The willingness to be unsure is the openness to learn.

3. Real confidence is not believing that you are perfect, it is knowing that you are capable.

4. You are a work in progress and always will be. If you don’t spend your life searching for new ways to grow, you will stagnate.

5. Perfectionists search for things that need to be fixed. Self-aware people search for things they’d like to see grow. Both start with self-doubt, but only one ends with self-confidence.

6. Being able to second guess yourself is what it takes to have humility and grace.

7. Being certain about everything, all of the time is an illusion of the ego – it does not exist, nor should it.

8. People who have low self-esteem actually don’t doubt themselves. They don’t try to prove themselves. They only their self-worth based on images they have of other people and how they compare to them.

9. The strongest person in the room is not the one who is unswayed in their opinions and ideas. It is the person who is willing to learn.

10. The wisest person in the room is not the one who always needs to believe they are right. It is the person who know it doesn’t matter if they’re wrong.

11. Self-doubt and second guessing are not always traits of low self-esteem. Often, they are signals that you’re not doing what you want and need to be doing. They are trying to redirect you in the way you truly want to go.

12. If you aren’t open to new possibilities, you will close yourself off to a lot of the latent potential you already possess.

13. If you are attached to everything turning out exactly as you envisioned, you’re only setting yourself up to suffer.

14. Powerful people are not the ones who know the most, they are the ones who are willing to grow the most.

15. Successful people do not try to be the smartest in the room – they try to surround themselves with people smarter than them as much as they can.

16. Happy people are not the ones who are the most self-assured. They are the ones who know that they will survive a bad day, a hurt feeling, or a jealous idea. They are the ones who can withstand self-doubt and know it won’t end them.

17. Every time you second guess yourself, you are really asking: maybe there’s another way. Sometimes, the best option will be to follow your first instinct. Regardless, there are always other options and it can only serve you to consider them.

18. Allowing yourself to second guess means adopting an attitude of non-reactivity. You can doubt yourself without wrecking your self-esteem. You can consider another perspective without invalidating yourself completely.

19. Sometimes, a lot of uncertainty is the safer way we tell ourselves no, that isn’t right. Sometimes, second guessing is an important sign.

20. The best thing you can do for yourself in life is to create options. That’s impossible if you aren’t willing to consider anything new, and considering something new is impossible if you aren’t willing to doubt what you already have.

21. People who second guess care more about the big picture than they get caught up in the anxiety of just wanting to have things done and appear as though everything is together.

22. Some of the strongest people are the ones who ruthlessly edit their lives.

23. Some of the wisest people are the ones who know that starting over is not the end of the world.

24. Some of the most successful people know that getting it right matters more than being perfect the first time.