Everyone Deserves To Love The Skin They’re In


I don’t want to feel ugly anymore. I don’t want to hate what I see in the mirror every single day. I don’t want to feel as if I am the ugliest one in the room. I don’t want my low self-esteem to affect my daily life. I don’t want to wear baggy clothes all the time to hide all my imperfections. I hate having extremely low self- esteem. I hate constantly feeling extreme sadness.

However, I want to feel beautiful. I want to feel comfortable in my own skin. I want to be happy when I look in the mirror. I want to smile with confidence.

I am living proof as to how a negative self-esteem affects every aspect in your life. It is a struggle every day that affects more people than one may think. Low self-esteem affects you mentally and then translates into how we perceive everything, emotionally and physically.

One begins to compare themselves to everyone around them. Setting the bar higher than you can reach in your clouded state of mind

This toxic mindset gives one unhappiness with your entire physical appearance, despite what you may actually look like.

It feels hard to show your face around when you have convinced yourself that you are so worthless.

Endlessly crying and being sad because your self- esteem issues are so severe it takes over your life, which is the one thing we are supposed to have control over.

This monster in your head even begins to dress you. Always making you wear clothes that are too big for you because you feel uncomfortable wearing a tight shirt, dress, or tight jeans that the “Skinny Girl” wears.

Low self-esteem puts you into the darkest place in your life and it seems as if there is no light at the end of the tunnel. On top of that, no one understands how severe your self-image is because it is too hard to open up to people. It is hard to explain how you hate the way you look and aren’t accepting of yourself.

Depression creeps over your life and it all roots from your low self- esteem. At this point, you have given up on yourself and continue to accept that you’re forever going to be unhappy with the way you look. Now, going out with your friends becomes such a drag because you feel fat in your outfit which makes you feel like you will be the ugliest one in that room.

Single-handedly, you create that “ugly” image of yourself in your mind and it stays with you wherever you go. All you see is flaws, shame, and embarrassment.

They say you should always self-love, but during this dark time in your life, all you are doing is self-hating.

No one should ever feel so low about themselves and disgusted about their image. No one will ever feel perfect and beautiful every day, but you should never feel like the ugliest person around and so ashamed of yourself.

In today’s society, we have a spitting image of how females and males should look. This is the reason why people feel unaccepted and need to look a certain way to be considered “attractive” and “flawless”. This image is what creates eating disorders, depression, anxiety, a low self-esteem and self-isolation.

Overcoming a low self-esteem takes time and dedication to change the normal way you think, but it is beyond worth it to feel great about yourself. First, recognize that you treat yourself terribly and tell yourself this is not the way you should be looking at yourself. Look in that mirror and tell yourself something about yourself. I then challenge you to say another. Second, find ways to cope with low self-esteem and things that will make you feel bliss and powerful. Third, eating healthy and exercising is always a great tool. Do not overdo it, find the right amount for yourself. You can also find a hobby that you enjoy. In the bigger picture, need to change your everyday way of thinking and take all the negative backlash that keeps swirling in your head. Find some confidence in yourself and show it, hold your head up high. Continue to improve yourself, for you and no one else. Step by step and day by day you will see a change.

Everyone should be able to accept their flaws, feel beautiful and be comfortable in their own skin. Now go look in the mirror and admire yourself if you’re feeling down, everyone deserves it too! Everyone deserves their happiness.

Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the end.

Every body has its OWN art.