How To Love Him So Much He Won’t Have A Chance To Miss Me


Please support him on his endeavors. Push him high whenever he feels like the world is on his shoulder. Make him confident with the brightest smile. 

Sometimes serve him food and give him water. Don’t act like a princess. Give him a glass of water after he drank too much because he’ll have a really really bad hangover after that. Always have some pain relievers with you, he does not keep them.

Cuddle him at night but give him space when it’s hot or humid. He tends to sweat a lot. He often covers his eyes when there’s light in the room. He likes the dark. 

He likes to watch TV documentaries, viral videos and prank shows, enjoy it with him.

Be interested in everything he does. Enjoy the silent late nights with him escaping the world while lying on your lap. If possible, drink with him. He would not want you drunk. He will enjoy your company. Enjoy conversations with his friends. You are not there as a trophy! 

Give him a massage when he is tired. He would love to reciprocate that. He likes giving hand massages. Appreciate that!

Give him surprise gifts every now and then. Gifts do not have to be expensive. Always think about what he needs at the moment. Don’t give him nonsense. 

Kiss him while watching the fireworks during summer festival. Or simply surprise him with a kiss! He is the most charming romantic I have known! He would suddenly show up with flowers or chocolates and he delivers breakfast before the break of dawn. He would hold your hand while driving around town while listening to your favorite music. He would show you his crazy side and his childishness from time to time. He would apologize about it right away. He would be sweeter when trying to make up for it. 

Be alert and always listen to what he really means. He tends to cover up his feelings so that others wont worry about him. He is often scared and worried and lonely and confused but he likes to do a lot of things and he loves having fun. Sincerely laugh at his jokes! You will know when he is angry, but he would laugh it off. His face becomes dark when he is uncomfortable about something. He is good at wearing a smiley mask though. Be sensitive enough to hear what is on his mind. I am not sure how but I know you love him (maybe a lot more than I do), you will hear it too. 

Sing with him and try to learn the music with him. You don’t have to like music so much or to fake interest, just enjoy how he smiles when he is proud about his music. You will naturally love his music once you see him on fire. He rocks that way! He is so cute when he sees the listeners enjoying the music he plays. 


Tell him about yourself. He is not a gypsy nor any astrologer, although he loves the cosmos. Tell him exactly what is on your mind. You have to show how vulnerable you are but stop making him feel burdened by your seemingly obsessive love. Never make him feel caged! No one likes to be a prisoner. He is someone who can do so many things if you give him a chance. I wish you can give him direction.

 Know him.

Do not just ask about what he did. You are not a detective! If you are concerned, show your concern for him not yourself! Tell him about what you did and how much you missed him. Don’t stop with ‘I miss you!’ Cook his favorite carbonara or show him his picture that you secretly took while he was sleeping. Please remind him to clip his nails especially when he has skin allergy. He tends to scratch them unconsciously when he is asleep. 

Always give him something that he can look forward to or anything that can spark his interest.

Inspire him! He is curious about so many things. 

Remember who he is. Remember everything you know about him. He loves these fruits and seafood and fried rice and aliens and drinking and fishing and playing RPGs and guitars and his mom and his brother and his grandparents and cooking and sports cars and driving and the outdoors. He went to these schools and he had this hairstyle back in elementary and he collected shells and stones and his family was known for this and his mom loves these things. He answered his teacher this way and he had to repeat that subject. He does not like being with dishonest and depressing people. He grew up this and that way. Respect him.

 He looks good in every color but he looks confident in red or maroon. Go shopping together.

Compliment him! 

You know the people he is very close to, right? Love everyone he loves. He has sweaty palms, so try to bring a handkerchief whenever you go out. He loves being cared for as much as he loves taking care of other people. He buys lunch for the homeless lady in front of the convenience store. He is familiar with the working children near the park. 

 He often smokes after eating but he wont smoke when his mom is around. He is a very considerate smoker and I must have fallen for that. He is not afraid of cockroaches and he does not cry. Very manly right?

 He hates one thing though. I tried my best to avoid him because I do not want him to hurt himself. He must be rebelling towards you or the world. I was selfish but I do not regret it. I am not even sorry for it. He hates anyone who hurts his mom. Such a mama’s boy noh? You know he is lovable that way. Sadly, he tends to hurt himself instead of hurting other people, so you have to be strong for him. Never do anything that will make him wanna hurt you because he would be devastated.  

Be fun. He wont be happy on his own as you wont be if you are alone. You were together because you are suppose to be happy, right? Make it count. 

I can remember almost everything and each emotion I had when I was with him. Remember him much more than this. Remember your most precious time together as if everything happened a while ago.  Cherish it! 

He is liar but I never hated his lies because I know when he was lying.  He lies sincerely. He is hurt when he lies but he sometimes act on impulse. He think things through. Read between the lines. 

I still love him though I do not want to love him. I do not know what getting over someone means but I’ll find out someday (hopefully soon). I love him and I hope you will love him so much that he would not have a chance to think of me or any other girls. 

Make him happy and be happy with him.