Everyone Wants To Light The Match, But No One Wants to Watch It Burn


He sees you as a dainty ornament, carefully hung on his arm. You are simply the shiny, bright object on display to make him seem a little less dull. He shines you up when he’s ready to show you off. He knows how to soften you up so he can hang you from his sleeve. Your smile will hide the hollowness which now fills your body. Your laugh will seem natural to those who love you. They will assume he adores you and treats you like royalty. They don’t know anything at all.

You are diminishing yourself for a person who doesn’t even see you. He looks right through you. If you keep letting his words chip away at you, slowly you won’t even see yourself anymore. When you look in the mirror, you will see a translucent shell of the person you used to be. He doesn’t deserve you. 

Please stop biting your tongue when you want to unleash the truth within you. Please stop making excuses for bad behavior that will never be followed with a sincere apology. Please stop telling yourself you are happy when you are miserable in your own home. I wish you could see the possibilities ahead of you. All you’d have to do is break free.

You have mastered the art of seduction. Other women would kill to have your skills. You’ve charmed every man that has ever looked at you. The choice was yours when you chose him. Try not to blame yourself for his inadequacies. He takes advantage of your loyalty and unwavering devotion to him. He knows you wouldn’t dare leave. You are a strong woman but you cling tight to your traditional values. “Until death do us part” was your vow. Now you are living those words for a lifetime.

Dance with the devil until you can feel his hot breath on your neck. Change your steps with his changing moods. Coordinate the choreography into the most dazzling performance this world has ever seen. Everyone is waiting to see what you will do next. He thinks he’s leading you, but you’ve already stolen the show. You can still dance even with your hands tied. Twirl yourself around him until his head is spinning. The dizziness will blur everything until it’s suddenly over.

It will be over, eventually. The beauty is watching it all fall apart. You’ve always created your own destiny, effortlessly. This will be no different. The stakes are higher than ever, but your spirit is the same. You have everything within you to survive whatever you choose next.

The sun is rising over the sea. You open your eyes slowly. The sand is warm against your skin. You see him not far behind you, slowly starting to move. The waves have tossed you both around violently for as long as you can remember. Everything is calm.

You’ve been carved by the rough waters you’ve navigated together. It has brought you here, to an unfamiliar place. Everything seems uncertain. You grab his hand and pull him towards you. He looks at you like it’s the first time. You walk down the beach, leaving footprints for all those who will come after you. You’re thankful neither of you drowned along the way.