She Is A Sweetheart, But Once You Get On Her Bad Side, She Is The Biggest Bitch


She is a sweetheart. The kind of girl who would give you the shirt off her back. Who would pick you up at the airport at six in the morning. Who would be your designated driver at two in the morning. She is the kind of girl who would kill for the people she loves. The kind of girl who would go miles out of her way to cause a two-second smile.

She gives out second chances like candy because she understands humans are imperfect. They make mistakes. They will accidentally say something stupid that comes across wrong. They will show up late because traffic is crazy or because they spent too long picking out an outfit beforehand. At some point, everyone in her life will disappoint her, but it isn’t always intentional. It isn’t always a reason for her to walk away.

She knows the difference between making a harmless mistake and doing something unforgivable. Something that should not have happened. Something that she can not tolerate.

When you are friends with her (or even a complete stranger to her), you will consider her the sweetest person you have ever met. You won’t be able to name one bad thing about her. But once you get on her bad side, she will turn into the biggest bitch.

Once you get on her bad side, she will not be quiet in her anger. She will cause a scene if you upset her. She won’t be embarrassed about standing up to you in front of a crowd. She won’t be shy about telling shared friends exactly what you did to cause her to leave. She will send screenshots. She will give details. She will let the world know what kind of person you are.

Once you get on her bad side, she won’t listen to a word that you have to say. If you are stuck in the same room together, she will never glance your way. She will act like you are invisible, like you are dead to her. You will never hear her voice again.

Once you get on her bad side, you are going to see a completely different side of her. A ruthless side. A darker side. A side that doesn’t feel guilty about being mean. A side that is perfectly comfortable treating you like nothing.

Once you get on her bad side, there is no going back. It takes a lot to piss her off, but if you manage to accomplish that, then she is never going to forgive you. You could send her an elaborate apology, but she won’t read it because she will have already deleted your number from her phone. You could grovel at her feet, but she will step right past you.

She knows what she deserves — and she knows who is a complete waste of her time. She knows who belongs in her rearview mirror on the journey to something better.

So be careful who you hurt, because the sweetest girls will turn into the biggest bitches once you betray them.