Everything Is Connected, So Pour Love Into The World


It’s very easy to get caught up in ourselves. We worry about our own personal lives and agendas. We worry about how we feel day to day, what we’re going to eat, when we’re going to sleep, etc. We may spend time thinking about other people in our lives, but most often we think about ourselves. & We are trained to do this from a very early age. We’re told to mind our business, to love ourselves. And while we should do this. The thought that I had today is a little different.

I got thinking about expanding consciousness, and how far that might go. And I got thinking about how every action of every person affects the people around them, and the people around them, and so on. It’s like that childhood game telephone, where I whisper something into the ear of the person next to me, and they to the person next to them, and so on. And at the end the sentence is completely changed. Each person was affected differently by those words, processed them differently, and felt differently about them. But they all stemmed from the original speaker.

Every time I eat food that has ingredients grown by a farmer, that came from seeds of another plant and the one before it. Every time I drink water, I am consuming some of the planet’s resources. Every time I inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. Every time I speak and others hear my words. Every piece of garbage I throw away, every time I turn on a light or flush a toilet. I am affecting every being around me. And if all beings are made of molecules, then how would it be that not every single molecule is connected? Including those of plants, and animals, and the stars. And if this is the case, why would I ever want to harm another being? When this harm not only affects them, but everyone around them, and so on? And does this every stop? If I murder a stranger, am I not murdering molecules that are connected to mine, and thus murdering myself? And Energy. So many people use meditation, chakra healing, reiki to channel energy. People study energy and spirits. This energy comes from the sunlight, just as our food does and our bodies do. This energy is part of all of us and part of this universe we share. And so if I put positive energy into the world, that affects other people. And if I put negative energy into the world, this too affects others.

So maybe, just for a moment, we can all think about this. And just for a moment, we can close our eyes, open our hearts, open our minds, and spread love. And just for a moment, every single being and molecule in the universe will feel that love.

And here I was thinking I couldn’t change the world. But if all I ever do is love with the idea of every single being in mind, the world is already changing.