Fall For Someone Who Will Make You Want To Write Poetry


To all the girls out there,

I am nobody to judge or question who is that guy that catches your heart or your eyes. I have no say in who completely sweeps you off your feet or who completely engulfs you into their charming ways.

But I just want to say that be careful enough to not fall for that one person that you know could possibly break you down, could possibly use you and make you feel completely hollow. Try not to fall for the one who will take away a part of you instead of making you feel whole.

Fall for the one who loves your soul instead of your shape. Fall for the one who loves your little quirks instead of someone who puts you on a pedestal that you’re uncomfortable with.

Fall for the who makes you feel the warmth of the sun on winter days. And someone who gives you the rush of all the different hues in your favourite flowers. Someone who brings out the heat and passion of red in roses within you.

Fall in love with someone who makes you feel like you’re the brightest star in the sky. Someone who makes you feel like all the colours in the rare sighting of rainbows. Fall for someone who makes you feel as invincible as the clear, morning sky.

Fall for someone who makes you feel as light as a leaf swaying rhythmically on a windy day. That someone who’s heartbeat syncs with yours and the music playing in the car while you go for long drives with him.

Fall for someone who touches your pianissimos and the fortissimos of your heart. Fall for someone who calms you down on your rough days like a cool breeze by the sea or the hot chocolate that you take in the evenings.

Fall for someone who is in love with you so much that he cannot find any word in the vocabulary of any language to describe how he feels for you. Someone who can beat all the poetry written in the romantic era because you are the only person his heart beats for. Someone who makes you and your memories together feel timeless.

Fall for someone who makes you feel like his love for you is so pure that a Romeo and Juliet comparison for the two of you would be an understatement.

Fall for someone so beautiful and honest and cherishing that he will make you want to write poetry about him.