4 Things I Learned From Photography

Don’t constrict yourself int thinking that there are rules. This doesn’t only apply to photography but pretty much everything; there are no set rules when you’re in a world where your creativity speaks. But if you really cannot do without some rules then go ahead and make your own.

What I Think About Before I Get To Sleep

I think about the smile the stranger at the bus stop gave me. I think about how tired I was in the morning when I woke up. I think about my family in a land 4000 miles away in a different time zone who are probably sound asleep.

Fall For Someone Who Will Make You Want To Write Poetry

Fall for the who makes you feel the warmth of the sun on winter days. And someone who gives you the rush of all the different hues in your favourite flowers. Someone who brings out the heat and passion of red in roses within you.

The Best Part About Love Is Falling For You

You start observing yourself observing them, their little scars or birthmarks exposed in peculiar spaces, the crinkles around their eyes and their mouths that form when they smile and their laughs that impersonates the explosion of galaxies. And these little things memorize themselves in your mind.