Fall In Love With God First


I’m going to tell you something that might be hard to hear. And I hope you can find it in you to believe me. You’re longing for someone to love and be loved by will NOT complete you. I know you want it to, I know you are waiting for it to happen and perhaps even have transformed slowly into someone you don’t even recognize any longer on your quest to make sure love happens for you.

Maybe you are subscribed to other blogs with titles like “How to make him notice you,” or look for other articles that help validate your self-pity. Maybe you find comfort in reading them and they might relieve some of that deep-rooted fear and anxiety that tends to loom over your head day in and day out.

“What if I never find him?”

Your friends and family will find their partners and you will start to receive more save-the-dates than you have room for on the fridge. Pretty soon no amount of magnets will be able to hold the invites and the emotional weight they produce once you open them by the mailbox. But you must remember to not compare your life journey to others. Finding a partner is not a goal or a contest. It is something that should naturally come about, if that is what is meant to be. And if it never does, that is completely ok as well. Because I promise you, you still have God, and that is truly the only love you need.

“If only I could find him, then my life will TRULY start!”

But this is so wrong. And let me tell you why.

Jesus Christ made you unique. He made you your own. Nothing about you must be validated first by the opposite sex to become any more worthy. Desiring to love and be loved is a beautiful thing, and a Godly thing at that. But you must make sure that desire is first fulfilled in Him. You must love God more than anything else, and that relationship must take precedence in your life over all others.

The more you look to outside sources for your validation, worth, self-esteem and love, the more you are going to be disappointed. Make sure you are looking towards the right things. Keep your eyes fixed on Jesus and fall in love with Him first. He is the only one who can fully and completely love you, after all. Only when you surrender to His will and His plan for your life, will you be able to recognize and be ready for the type of biblical love worthy of his praise.