You’re Not A Bitch For Having These 15 Dating Requirements


1. Someone that spoils you. You can’t expect him to light candles and sprinkle rose petals on the bed every night. But you should expect him to put in constant effort, even if that just means listening to you talk about your day.

2. Someone that thinks you’re amazing. You don’t want him to worship you like you’re his queen. But if he’s dating you, he should be impressed by you. He should feel like he’s lucky to have you.

3. Someone that texts you first. You can’t be on his mind all the time, but if you don’t cross his mind all day, something’s seriously wrong. You shouldn’t have to text him first in order to hear from him.

4. Someone you’re physically attracted to. He doesn’t have to look like he stepped right off the cover of GQ. But you should at least like what you see. If there’s no sexual attraction, there’s no hope for the relationship.

5. Someone that has a bright future ahead of him. He doesn’t have to be employed by a high paying company. But if he doesn’t have a decent job or any desire to look for a job, he’s probably not going to make much of himself.

6. Someone that isn’t looking around. Wanting him to want you and only you doesn’t mean you’re greedy. If you want a monogamous relationship, then you need to find someone that’s on the same page.

7. Someone that makes you feel sexy. He should look at you like you’re the hottest woman in the world. He should make you feel drop dead gorgeous and make you forget about all of your insecurities.

8. Someone that spends money on you. He doesn’t have to spend his entire paycheck on diamonds and daisies. But he should pick up the check once in a while. It’s the least he could do.

9. Someone that’s ready to commit. If you’re done playing games, up your standards. Stop settling for men that are happy to string you along without giving your relationship a legit label.

10. Someone that makes you their first priority. You’re not the only woman in his life, but you should be the most important. If you’re second best, then you might as well pack your bags now.

11. Someone that’s intelligent. If you can’t have an intellectual conversation with him, then you’re out of his league. You should be able to talk about everything, from Miley Cyrus to the economic state of the country.

12. Someone that takes care of his body. You shouldn’t turn down men, just because they have a little flab. But if you live an active lifestyle, it’s only natural for you to want someone that hikes and bikes, as well.

13. Someone that takes care of himself. You shouldn’t be the one stuck doing all the laundry and lawn care. If he isn’t smart enough to fold a towel or wash a dish, you don’t need him.

14. Someone that your friends like. It doesn’t really matter what anyone else thinks of your boyfriend, as long as you like him, but if you’re a big partier, life will be easier if everybody gets along. So if hating your bestie is a deal-breaker, that’s A-OK.

15. Someone that respects you. If he curses you out or slaps you around, leave his ass. You need someone that respects your body, your opinions, and women as a whole.