Flaky Friends Are Fake-Ass Friends


I am really tired of flaky people.  Sometimes I wonder, how many truly genuine people are left in Los Angeles?  No matter who I run into I always seem to find those who are all talk and never do what they say they’ll do in some fashion or another.  

When People act like keeping in touch is the hardest thing in the world. My first thought is, Seriously?! All you have to do is pick up your iphone and simply use it to call. LOL, Ya, that thing that’s probably in your hand or pocket at this very moment, which you probably use to listen to music, check email and text with, check in on Facebook, post food porn on Instagram and tweet on, all-day-long.

Has it really become that tough, challenging or uncomfortable to find the time to actually call someone up anymore? 

After a while, it becomes easy to see right through the bullshit flaky-ass people tend to sling. Perhaps it’s the Brit in me, forward, direct, and honest. If you lie to my face; I can tell. If you give me a line; I will call you on it. If you say you’ll get back to me and don’t; I will remember. That’s just the nature of my being. I’m like this because I believe, if you really care about someone you will be there when needed. Not just when it is convenient enough for you. I understand, this is the reason why I have very limited close friends, but my close friends are just that, true friends.

Funny thing is, I am the lowest maintenance person around. I brought myself up to handle my own problems… to be my own personal counselor. I’m uncomplicated & drama-free. Because of this I have no problem helping others when they are in need. But if I don’t get the same back when I ACTUALLY have to get something off my chest or just want a friend to hang out with, then you were not much of a friend to begin with.

In LA you have to depend on the one person you can always count on: YOURSELF. Fake friends are like shadows, always near at your brightest moments, but nowhere to be found at your darkest hours. Soon enough I realized, who my true friends were and how most of the times, we need to be our own Hero.