Who Will Receive The ‘Lampshade Award’?


The “Lampshade Award” will inevitably go to the woman standing inches from the mirror, staring intensely at her lips attempting to steadily apply gloss (to make them more… kissable?) she will then stumble around in her clunky platform heels with alcohol induced confidence, only to end up grinding on or making-out with someone she barely knows. An award, I (proudly) have never received, but am always thoroughly entertained by the nominees!

Whatever happened to a kiss being with a person who gave you butterflies or made your heart smile? Seems as though nowadays this type of hookup has become socially acceptable. Or, how stalking someone online, scanning their blog to discover their talents, past, likes and weaknesses… the norm. Why? because it’s practical? efficient? easily accessible? Has investing real time and feelings become too old school? Whatever happened to enjoying the chase, investing in the journey and loving the tease in between?

I’ve noticed many superficial attributes and expectations from my generation. As a Gemologist, I laugh out loud when I hear a woman angrily insist that her man propose with a diamond as big, bright and rare as the stars above or when I hear guys repeat played out disingenuous lines. Have we become a generation, where love is angry & romance is laughed at?

Is it possible for my generation to wake up and revisit the art of love, the sensuality of human contact and develop what it takes to invoke true emotion by something a simple as a genuine kiss? Where motives aren’t analyzed, questioned or crowdsourced.