Forget What Your Mother Said About Girls Like Me


Forget what your mother told you about girls like me.
Forget how she said that the girl you date should
have rosary beads draped around her wrists, hands
clasped together in prayer position before bedtime.
Because the girl you will date has a religion of her own anyway.
But don’t worry, there’s something that still sings inside of her;
a burning cathedral or a caged bird.

Forget how she said that you will meet her
while strolling through campus or through some common hobby.
Because you will meet her at the bar while she is dancing
on a table with low inhibitions. That’s when you will find
her most captivating.
Forget how she told you that her smile should resemble that
of Mona Lisa; demure and timid.
Because she will smile so boldly that her gums are exposed.
And you’ll think to yourself,
“I really want to bite that lip”.

Forget how she urged you to choose the girl with the soft spoken voice.
Because the girl you date will speak so loudly that
your ears will ring and your head will ache.
Her voice will echo from the tallest ceiling to the furthest wall.
So forget what your mother told you about girls like me.
Because you didn’t listen to her anyway.