I’m Sorry My Love, Please Come Back To Me


What happens when things don’t go as planned?
What happens when we both are at blame?
What happens when the relation is at stake?
Would you have the courage to agree to the mistake?

But no one agrees to their mistake
Blinded by the love at stake
Seems to me
Sorry seems to be the hardest word

What happens when you leave me instead of sorting it out?
What happens when you’re no longer around?
What happens when it’s all over?
Would you ever come back into my arms?

So what if it’s not my mistake
I can’t lose our love at stake
Even though it seems to be the hardest word
I say, “I’m sorry my love, you are my whole wide world”

What happens when all your efforts do not matter anymore?
What happens when they don’t love you like they did before?
What happens when they don’t wish you back?
Would it mean my I LOVE YOU’s play like some lousy old track?

I know it was my mistake
I want to save our love, I’ll do whatever it takes
I’ll keep saying it till I rid myself of the pain
“I’m sorry my love, please come back to me again.”