Four Reminders When You’re Doubting Yourself


With some help from your favorite music artists:

Life is amazing. Oftentimes, it gives us opportunities for our goals and dreams. But there are moments when a bitch voice at the back of our heads silently whispers, “You’re not good enough, there are many people better than you.” or “You won’t get it, so why bother to try.”

So before you think that giving up is the only solution, here are four statements to remind yourself whenever you’re wallowing in self-doubt. Remember, you gotta’ be your own cheerleader first. – pom poms optional.

You did not hustle this far, to only hustle this far.

You have already worked your ass off. Will you really put to waste all those late nights, early morning grinds, effort and hard work the moment you faced adversities? The truth is when you’re pursuing your goal, you WILL encounter bumps and roadblocks along the way. Remember that problems are only developments trying to happen. They are opportunities often disguised as hardships. Get past these and the rewards are more than satisfying. Success is a lot closer than you think.

Take it from Jason Mraz. Jason won’t give up. And neither will you.

You deserve whatever it is you badly want to achieve.

We sometimes think our goals are bigger than ourselves. Guess what, they should be! Does it make your heart ache with passion and your lungs burn with excitement? More importantly, are you DOING what you need to do to achieve them? If your answer is a hell freakin’ YES! Then you deserve it. Don’t ever let anyone make you feel otherwise. Let no one limit you, not the people around you, not society labels and most certainly, not yourself.

Stop selling yourself short, thinking you’re not yet good enough. You’re passionate and worthy of recognition. Repeat after me (or after Fifth Harmony coz that’s better): ~Give it to me I’m worth it.~ Uh-huh, YOU’RE WORTH IT.

Your greatest critic is YOU.

Sometimes we feel pressured by the people around us, or the situation we are in. The truth is we feel most pressured by thinking that we’re not meeting the expectations we had set for ourselves. Well maybe it’s also the cashier when she’s already tending the next customer and you’re still struggling with putting your change in your wallet.

Doubting ourselves tend to go hand in hand with overthinking and worrying so much about a lot of things. We worry about what others would think, we worry about not being good enough and we worry about missing our chances among a lot of things.

When you’re in your twenties, the pressure to achieve something worthwhile is on its highest.

We feel that time is ticking away and we’re not yet the successful adult rockin’ a career we love that our teenage selves had always imagined.

And you hear Lukas Graham playing in the background… (~Soon I’ll be sixty years old~)

I know the song’s great but just STOP. You are just putting pressure on yourself. Remember what we dwell on is what we become. Stop the needless suffering of worrying on what can go wrong, but be excited on what can go right.

Be patient with yourself. You’re already doing your best.

There are days when no matter how hard and smart we are working towards our goal, we feel that it’s still not enough. But hey, give yourself a break, take a look at the progress you’ve done, and then order pizza.

Yes, you may not know NOW all the knowledge and skills you want to learn, you may not have achieved YET all the goals you have set but believe in the person you want to become and bet on yourself to be that person.

The world hasn’t seen the best of you. You’ll be better. Actually, you’ll be great. Wait, let me try again. You will be awesome in what you do because you put your heart and mind to it.

Channel your inner Jessie J. Every day, continue working on your masterpiece. 🙂

There is so much life waiting to happen. So why waste it in doubt, self-pity and frustration? Each day is significant. Don’t wait for the right time to come; your heart’s desires are timeless. Don’t wait to be ready; you have been ready all your life. Nobody will invest in your personal growth but yourself. Being the “best you” means not just focusing on the best, but also focusing on YOU. Drop your doubts and go from uninspired to unstoppable.