This Is For Those Who Love Unconditionally


I used to think you were only found in books. I used to think that love without conditions only existed in the hearts of dragon-slaying prince charmings. I used to think that loving someone meant I needed to give back the exact same amount, if not more, in order to deserve the love I was being given.

But you said “no”.

You said love—the real kind—was one without demand.

You said you didn’t love me because I paid for our dates. You said you didn’t love me because I made sure I always got you a gift you always wanted. You said you didn’t love me because I gave you back massages after we kissed on my bed. You said you didn’t love me because I always remembered to greet you “good morning” or “good night”.

Rather, you said you love me in spite all of these things—even without the dates, the gifts, the back massages, and the daily greetings.

You said that you love me, simply because I deserve to be loved.

This, I think, is love in its purest kind; and although, I am grateful for the love that you are giving me, I do hope that I am able to give you at least a fraction of the love that you also rightfully deserve. You are a person who loves without conditions, and you deserve to be loved beyond boundaries. In spite of your flaws and shortcomings, know that you should also be loved in such a way that the other person accepts you wholeheartedly.

Love without all the unnecessary stipulations does exist; not only in another person, but also in you. But love without conditions is also complicated, because it is difficult. It is challenging, and it will continuously push you. It will break your bones, and make you question if loving without conditions is worth it. It will make you doubt if the person you love does deserve to be loved; but know that whoever you choose, remember that they do deserve it. Sometimes it will exhaust you, and other times you just want to stop. In these times, breathe. You are allowed to rest; but always continue on.

I used to settle for love that needed so many things from me. Love told me to stop cursing. Love said I should stop talking to other guys. Love told me I wasn’t enough, because I wasn’t trying as hard as Love would have liked. Love said to keep quiet. Love said it needed to leave, because it wasn’t happy.

But I realized that wasn’t love.

Love should be okay with you, whether it the past-you, the present-you, or the future-you. Love will accept you and love will not ask for anything in return. Love will just love you, even when it’s hard, even when it’s not happy.

So, thank you for being the person that loves without conditions. But know that there are also others who are willing to go through storm and day to be with you. Who will wipe your tears and kiss your cheeks when you’re feeling down, and who will continue to hold your hand when you feel like you’re on top of the world.

So, today, let someone walk into your life who will gladly write you a love story that would put fairytales to shame. Take hold of the heart of a dragon-slaying price charming; because he doesn’t only exist in books.

Be brave, be courageous, be fearless.

And remember that while everyone deserves to be loved, so do you.