From A Dude Who’s Done It: This Is How You Know A Guy Is Playing You


You’ve probably dated a guy who you felt gave meaning to the world just as there has probably been a guy who’s ghosted you making you feel like you’re nothing. How do you tell the difference between these men?

Is there something they do, or you can do in order to make sure you protect your mind and your heart? This becomes the never-ending question especially in a world where divorce runs rampant, and millennials seem to use dating apps more than I use the bathroom.

Most women want their prince charming. They desire the man from the fairy tales whom will be their knight and shining armor. Frankly, who can blame these women because most of the media portrays this as the ideal fantasy man?

Yet, most women I come across complain about how “there are no good guys left” or “all the amazing guy turn out to ghost them.” Keep in mind a guy only plays a game with someone he does not think will be smart enough to catch him.

Even though you will be played, have your heart broken, and cry to your friends about the guy you thought was Mr. Right, you must remember you are not worthy of those men.

What does the guy you’re dating do to show you he’s different? Does he call you or does he text you? Does he hit you up at 10am or at 10pm? Do you feel like you’re the only girl he’s seeing?

These questions are crucial to understanding the man you might one day marry because let’s face it, most men and women are scared of commitment. We are so worried about being vulnerable that we would rather barricade our heart than show them off.

Instead of being afraid of relationships, get to know the man you’re dating and see what he likes, dislikes, and what his hobbies are. Do not give into your physical urges so soon. Countless women have expressed how the man they were dating disappeared from their life as if he had recently gotten lost at sea. Do not give in to what the man wants quickly. Patience will be the key to understanding if the guy you’re dating is worth it in the long term.

When you’re on the date, does he speak to you about his family, his life, and his interests? Or does he simply order a few drinks and then small talk his way through the date? Does he genuinely show an interest in you by asking deep-rooted questions about where you’ve been and where you’re doing?

Ladies, most of you have your preference of deep down wanting the intimate man who shows he cares about you and wants to see you past a few noncommittal dates!

As a man, my question is always “Why do women not seek a man who will fight for the end of the world for them?” If most men put as much effort and care into the woman they’re dating as their job, that woman would be the most fulfilled person on the globe.

Always question whom you’re dating because it will give you a better insight into the man you are with. Ask yourself, “Does he have the qualities of a man I truly desire or is he ordinary?”

Make sure you remember this or perhaps realize that he is just not that into you.