I Would Like To Love You


Early morning, the blue sky is blushing with honeyed clouds. There is snow, and birds flying above my block too. In here, as I lay by the window, there is silence, and I hear my heart speak softly. I feel her throb…

I would like to love you.

I would like you to try the freedom you might taste in loving me.

I would like you to try my hands on, see if they fit on your body.

I would like to write to you love poems to wake up to, so you may feel like you’re the first person the sun has ever kissed in his lifetime.

I would like to feel you by my side. You are all the good things in this world, all that is strong and fragile and tender in a man, and I need some of that. I am not afraid to tell you that I need you, and I would like you to listen.

I would like you to caress my petals, without forgetting that I am a wild rose. I would like you to not turn away when my thorns pierce through your flesh, when blood trickles down your skin and mine. I would like you not to shadow your own thorns, either. The salt in blood and tears will strengthen our bond, but only when it comes out and we can taste it.

I would like to love you.

I would like to walk with you to the end of this land, where the sea is frozen… it may freeze these fears, too.

I would like you to choose me. I would choose you back, I would choose you before you even asked the question. Among thousands of faces walking these streets, my gaze falls upon yours and I feel joy. Should your heart fall for a little while into my hands, I will make sure that you will never want to leave, thinking “This is the shelter that I have been missing, I’d be a fool to take my heart back now.”

I would like to love you.

I would like you to break my heart with tenderness and ferocity. I want to feel your full force unleashed upon me. I would like you to not let me escape, pin me to the ground our souls stand upon and show me how to surrender, how to find my roots here. Take my hand, watch me rise and don’t let me turn away.

I would like you to let me do the same to you.

I would like to love you.

I would like to dive into you and explore your inner space unflinchingly. You can build me wings. Together we could fly, see the world in a new light.

I would like to be beautiful to you. Your eyes may be all I need to shine. Look at the moon, she only needs the sun’s kiss to illuminate us all. You could be my sun, my stars, my entire night sky. There is enough universe within you to be all it, and then some more.

I would like to love you.

I would like you to make me forget how to look in other fields, how to look back or how to be right. Shake me out of my mind and catch me as I fall, and love me there, on the ground, in a wilderness of uncertainty.

In the heart of it all, I would like you to stay.

I would like to love you.