Fuck Waiting For Your Soulmate To Show Up


You might be longing for your soulmate to finally fucking arrive at your door step. You feel this want day in and day out. No matter what you do, the feeling is still there. Still in the background. Still reminding you that you haven’t found “the one”. That no matter how good things are in your life, they aren’t good enough.

I mean, why would you feel happy and fulfilled right now? Who cares if you have a killer haircut, or the internship of a lifetime, straight As and a loving family? Pfft, it isn’t enough. Not until you have the “perfect” love story.


As long as you let yourself be deceived and conned out of your happiness by this archaic idea, you’ll never feel fulfilled.

You will never find your soulmate this way. They will never show up when you are stuck feeling sorry for yourself thinking that your life is incomplete until they are in it.

Ask yourself: why have I set myself up to become dependent on someone else?

Why give up your power so willingly? Why do you believe someone else will be the exact puzzle piece that will fit in and fill in all the places where you are still lacking love for yourself? 

What you need isn’t them, it’s you.

You are already whole. There is no part of you that is missing. 

All that you seek out there, you can find within yourself.

And when it comes to that right person, relax.

Your soulmate will be energetically attracted to you when you are embodying your own joy, when you are already living out your happiness. Isn’t that wonderful?

What you’re seeking isn’t your soulmate, it’s simply to be happy. And the sooner you allow yourself that, the sooner people will show up in your life.

If you really want to find your soulmate, radiate joy, not desperation.