Game Of Thrones Casting Call Application Form


Thank you for applying to be a featured extra on HBO’s hit-series, Game of Thrones. As an equal-opportunity employer, we hire solely on merit and we pride ourselves on employing a diverse cast and production staff. For an expedient response, please answer the following questions honestly and in full.

Please circle your gender: Female, Male

If you circled “Male,” please rate (on a scale from 1-10) how easily you can grow facial hair. Thanks, you’re done! You can click “submit” and we’ll be in touch if an appropriate role becomes available.


If you circled “Female,” please reveal your age here:


If you are between the age of 18-26, please reveal your ethnicity/race here:


If you wrote, “Caucasian,” “European,” “Nordic,” “Slavic,” “Australian” or “Fair-skinned” please circle the role you think best represents your talents as an actress:

Chamber maiden

Cup bearer

Kitchen servant

Bar wench

Wench (general)

Wildling (dirty)

Wildling (buxom)





Lady of the Night

Stone mason’s daughter

Mother of Dragons

Would you have any hesitation performing partially or fully nude?


If you responded “Yes,” please click “submit.” You’re done! We will be in touch if an appropriate role becomes available.


If you responded “No” please circle the below word(s) that best describe(s) your breasts. Note: you need not limit yourself to just one word.



Pretty flat, actually




Large, bordering on burdensome


Game of Thrones is an action-packed drama with twists and turns around every corner. As such, we are looking for open-minded actresses who are flexible with the daily grind of a big production. Please circle the below word(s) or phrase(s) that best describe(s) your personality:




Open to new experiences







Spiritually promiscuous

Easy to get along with



Please circle the below song that best summarizes your outlook on life, sexually speaking:

“Milkshake” – Kelis

“Barely Legal” – The Strokes

“Closer” – Nine Inch Nails

“Master and Servant” – Depeche Mode

“Bangarang feat. Sirah” – Skrillex

Imagine the following scenarioYou are standing beside a large body of water. You cannot see any land across from you, but people have told you that it is a land of untold promise. A place paved with steady work and long-term studio contracts. A good relationship with a premium cable channel. Behind you is the barren wasteland of petty auditions and rotating barista jobs. In front of you is a small, motorized dinghy. A man wearing a cap holds out his hand to you. You reach for it, but before you can climb aboard, he shakes his head and points to a sign you had previously not noticed. It reads “acceptable payment methods: DIGNITY/RESPECT.” The water ahead looks choppy and mysterious. What do you do?


If you decided to climb aboard, please recount in detail your most recent sexual experience:


Would you have any problem “working” alongside both women and men? Don’t worry about those quotation marks, that’s just our legal department trying to butt in on all the fun you’ll be having*!


See, that wasn’t so bad! Click “submit” and we’ll be in touch if an appropriate position should become available.**


Thank you, and remember, “A Lannister always pays his debts!”


*For legal purposes, we must define the “fun” as most likely being sexual in nature.

**Clicking “submit” also qualifies you for similar roles on “The Borgias” and “Spartacus.”

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