Give Her The Orgasm She Deserves


The fact that a grown ass man can’t control his orgasm in 2019 should be criminal. How is it that any man anywhere could look himself in the mirror and not be mortified by his inability to make his partner orgasm? Okay, this is not including women who have a hard time reaching climax for medical reasons. I’m talking about a woman, with a functioning vagina, who can orgasm from penetration, sucking her vagina or any other method. Why the fuck aren’t you getting her off before you get yours?

I’ve heard men say that it’s not their fault if the vagina is very good. Alright, and it’s not her fault that you haven’t mastered the art of controlling your orgasm. I understand that some vaginas are really magical and you can’t help reach climax quickly. New pussy, tight pussy, gushy pussy and all that is amazzzzzzzzing…therefore if YOU want to keep having it, you’ll need to learn how to honor that vagina!

First of all, foreplay is a necessary act when you actually care about the woman’s pleasure. The playing starts with the words. Flirt with her, tell her naughty things, touch her in ways that make her spine tingle and make her mind wander. Pursue her in a way that entices her body and her mind. Navigate her body as though it is uncharted territory.

Learn her body, and touch every curve, crease, roll, and inch of her skin. Touch her with your fingers, your mouth, your tongue, some ice, a feather and everything could entice her. Take care of her nipples, her ears, her throat, and her clit. Her clit is critical, and it’s the access to getting her wetter and more turned on. Talk to her, tell her how good she smells and tastes. Love her body and cherish her body as if it’s your duty. You’ll never regret honoring her. Before you can even penetrate her with your penis, you MUST eat her like it’s your last supper. Make her pussy your prize.

Sex shouldn’t be a race. It is an act in precision, imagination and bodily communication. Talk with her, ask her what she enjoys and you can share what you enjoy as well. Men of a certain age orgasm once and they are done. Nobody has time for that shit. Therefore, if you know you’ve only got one good orgasm in you, you better make her climax, two or three times if possible. Lots of older men desire younger women. Not all women will be enticed by JUST money or JUST sex. Mediocre sex and ordinary dick is everywhere.

Knowing HOW to make love to a woman and putting her orgasm desires before yours puts you ahead of the game. I am incredibly turned off by men who came before me and did nothing to right that horrible wrong. It is one of the most unappealing things in life and no one should have to deal with that. It’s criminal! Practice your pace. You’re too grown to be doing this. I am shaming you. Maybe you don’t care, but the karma gods will punish you. Promise.