True Love Softens You


Traditionally, breaking up shatters us and leaves us for dead. We fall to our knees at the mercy of our emotions and we are often crippled by the pain. The healing process takes a while, and we often emerge with a very high wall with caution tape surrounding our hearts. It’s never easy to gather ourselves when someone we love leaves us. Time passes and each day is an opportunity for healing and reflection. Breaking up, when reflected upon leads to tremendous breakthroughs. A relationship ending is an ideal opportunity for growth and improving your emotional and mental fortitude.

Love is a verb. A verb with actions that include every positive association known to man. To love and be loved is a commitment to growth and elevation no matter what. While breakups are devastating, two people who shared true love will be left softer after the dust has settled. True love even after a breakup will live in the hearts of those who shared beautiful moments together. A love like that will resonate and vibrate at the cellular level because it transforms everything internally and externally.

Love shared between two people will live long after they have split. Often, even when new partners are established, love from an old relationship will spill over. An all-encompassing love will leave you with a sense of belonging. The love from someone who is committed to accepting you as you are is something that never leaves your soul. That type of love is not oppressive, nor does it make you feel like you’ll never find anyone better. That type of love will allow you to go when there is no more room for that particular relationship to grow. A person who loves you will never hold you back. True love is about freedom, even if it is not with them.

The knowledge I have of love is one thing, but what I’ve been taught about love is something else. Self-love is an enormous gift and second to that, is being loved by someone who wants nothing from you except for you to be your best. A love like that makes room for you to be the best version of yourself. It is an action that encourages you to open and allow yourself to be molded and be filled with possibilities. Love empowers you and leaves you with the courage to pursue your wildest dreams. The pain of a breakup will fade. The touch of love will carry you through infinite lifetimes of pure bliss.