Hate To Break It To You But People Who Break Your Heart Aren’t Always Monsters


You had a dream of white picket fences and a spouse and 2.5 kids. Life was lovely and predictable and magnificent because you were living it out with the one who makes your heart skip a beat.

You had a dream of dancing till the sun came up and falling into a king-sized bed with white sheets and fluffy pillows and ordering room service that was way too expensive—but it didn’t matter because you were there with the one who made your heart skip a beat.

You had dreams of rocking chairs on front porches and wrinkled hands clasped for the rest of your days as you watched the grandkids play on the front lawn.

You had a dream of visiting cities that you’ve always read about, trying food that you’ve never heard of, and meeting strangers in every place you land. It didn’t matter that you were miles and miles from the only home that you’d ever known because you were traveling the world with the one who makes your heart skip a beat, and your home was wherever you both were together.

And then one day the heart doesn’t skip a beat.

One day it breaks.

It smashes.

It’s pulverized into a million pieces, and the dreams you had, the life you were living, and the love that made you warm and fuzzy daily, were gone.

Just like that.

And suddenly the world feels cold.

And the pretty words, and inspirational quotes, and poems, and mantras, and manifestos aren’t enough to make you feel better—you can’t feel warmth anymore.

You can’t get warm, and you’re angry.

You’re angry and cold and hate starts to seep into your heart. Hate is what colors your vision. Hate is what keeps you company now.

And then you start to hear the whisper, “The one who broke your heart is a monster. The one who broke your heart is a horrible human. You are lucky you’re not with such a vile person.”

And you cling to that.

But here’s the thing: Sometimes the one who breaks your heart isn’t a monster.

Can that be the case sometimes? Yes. Are you better off without a monster in your life? Absolutely.

You don’t deserve the love of a monster, but you shouldn’t settle for a love that doesn’t want to stick around, either.

Sometimes the love between two people ends. And when that happens, hearts tend to break. And the heartbreak is awful and messy and painful and feels like it could potentially last for a lifetime.

And it’s easy to make the person who broke your heart a monster.

But perhaps they were doing you a favor. For it’s better to have a broken heart than to be in a relationship that’s without a genuine, honest, reciprocated love. It’s better to endure the breaks of a heart than take a life full of lackluster, half-hearted love.

You deserve better than that.

You can do better than that, too.