Reminder: You Are Still Progressing And Growing Even When You Need Rest


We definitely live in a society where we value hustle, extreme time management, and multitasking + doing everything under the sun. Don’t get me wrong, queen Virgo here (myself, who really should have more Sagittarius in my chart) loves to go-go-go and check everything off of the lists I make for myself, but sometimes I, just like a lot of other people, sometimes mistake constantly going with constantly growing, progressing, and proving our worthiness. When in reality, these things are completely separate.

The truth is, we often times grow and progress the most the moment we give ourselves permission to slow down and recover after the mountains we’ve just previously climbed.

Rest is essential for everything. We need rest so that our muscles can come back bigger and stronger after we’ve broken them down. We need rest so that our minds can recharge to give us all of the tools we need in order to survive our daily life. We need rest so that we can practice calmness, recuperation, and so that we can have the physical and mental energy to take on everything that requires it.

The amount of growth we undergo and the level of worthiness we feel as a result of it is not conducive with lack of rest. 

Rest. Allow your body to rest. Allow yourself to slow down long enough to feel cozy in your own home, you. Allow yourself to calm your mind and hold on to ease for as long as you need. Let yourself be still, discover what kind of magic you find when you take the noise away from yourself.

Our progression is a direct reflection of how sustainable the life we make for ourselves is. We grow through the life we create, that is our only real lens.

Our entire human map is built upon the foundation that we must rest, we must take time to reset, we must give ourselves permission to begin again, we have to advocate for our own recovery, and we have to give ourselves the energy to heal.

Rest is where we dream. Rest is the space where we can measure our growth, the only real place we can sit with our progress.

So please hear me when I say: not only are you still progressing and growing when you allow yourself to slow down, this is where you start. You will never know how far you’ve moved and climbed your mountains unless you give yourself permission to stop and look for a minute.