Have Faith That God Is Leading You In The Right Direction


Life can be quite cruel and unfair.

You lose some, you gain some. You lose some, you lose some more.

Sometimes, it destroys everything you have worked so hard to build, while most of the time, it destroys everything before you even get to start building.

Sometimes, it will take away everything that you own. Most of the time, it will take away the one thing that you love the most.

Going through this life and wandering in this universe will never be easy. Things will not always work out the way we want them to or the way we planned for it to. We will lose people we have loved so dearly. We will have to let go of certain things. We will be thrown problems and challenges that will break us. We will get hurt. We will be scarred. We will lose ourselves in the process, in this journey we call life. And that is terrifying, but that’s okay.

We are stronger than what we are made to believe.

It is not wrong to be sad because you’re hurt or to grieve for things that you have lost along the way. It is never wrong to take a step back, take a deep breath, and rest.

It is okay to feel. It’s okay to be angry at the world for being too hard on you. But we need to believe that everything that has been destroyed was for a reason and that God will replace everything we have lost with something better. Everything that has happened will make sense as you go along your journey.

Have faith in Him. Keep moving forward to the path that you are being led to, no matter how difficult it may be, because although life can be quite cruel and unfair, our God never is. He will never leave you nor forsake you, and you can always count on that.