They Broke You, But You Are Still A Masterpiece


You’re probably falling apart right now. Breaking down into tears, unknowingly creating a river because the person who has been the source of your happiness has grown tired of seeing you smile. You probably feel empty – as if there is a vast void inside of you and it consumes you inch by inch because the person who you thought would stay forever has walked away. They took everything you had to give, maybe so much more and now you’re left with nothing but cuts and bruises. Your heart is probably shattered into shards like broken glass. They crushed it with their own hands the moment they decided that you were no longer the person they wanted to be with. I know it hurts. The pain is insurmountable that you feel like it will never get better.

But trust me, it does.

Every day, a piece of you will slowly fall into place. The river of tears you cried will slowly dry. And after struggling with loneliness and sadness, you will find something to be happy about – the little things. Like getting out of bed without feeling drained of all the energy you have, or simply having the strength to go out again after isolating yourself to the world. Slowly but surely, the void deep down inside of you will vanish. You will be whole again not because of someone else – you will be whole again because losing them meant finding yourself. When that happens, use the shards of your broken heart to give color to a blank canvas.

Show the world that a broken heart can result in a masterpiece.

Pick up the fragments that they left you with and build a home within yourself because you have grown tired of looking for a place to stay in somebody else’s arms. Let the stars be in awe of how you put yourself back together after a massive hurricane.

I promise you, you will be okay. Things will get better. It won’t be an easy road but it’s a path you’ve got to take. Take your time. Enjoy the bumpy, crazy roller-coaster ride of emotions. And always keep in mind that broken things are still beautiful and it can be fixed, it might not be as it was before but the beauty of it will still remain and that is a masterpiece.