He Doesn’t Actually Want To Date You If He Does These 12 Things On Social Media


1. He “likes” one of your photos on Instagram, even though you’ve been waiting for him to text you back for hours. You don’t know if you should be happy that he thinks you’re attractive in the pic or upset that he doesn’t think you’re interesting enough to text back. He’s the master of sending mixed signals, because he randomly gives you attention whenever the mood strikes.

2. He refuses to add your friends and family on social media. If he took his relationship with you seriously, then he’d be happy to accept your mother’s friend request. But if he only wants sex, why would he bother to add her?

3. He comments on other girls’ pictures, telling them how hot they look. But the compliments he’s giving them are the same ones he’s used on you, almost word for word. It’s because he treats every girl exactly the same. To him, you’re nothing special.

4. If you post a photograph you took with him (one where you could easily be mistaken for a couple), he untags himself. He doesn’t want his page to hold any evidence that he’s seeing someone, because he wants to keep his options open.

5. He posts a status on Facebook about how bored he is, or about how someone should hit him up if they want to hang out–but you texted him a few hours earlier and he still hasn’t responded. If he’s that bored, wouldn’t he answer his messages? You don’t understand it.

6. He primarily talks to you over Snapchat. And, even though he hasn’t asked for any nude photos, he’s sent you pictures with his shirt off and you’ve returned pictures with your cleavage on full display.

7. Whenever you check to see if he’s “seen” your message, he hasn’t. But it’s been days, so obviously he has. He just doesn’t care enough to open it up and read the whole thing.

8. After you have a little argument, he deletes you. Then he puts his profile on private. He’s doing some sketchy stuff that he doesn’t want you seeing.

9. If you’ve been “hanging out” for months now and he still refuses to change his relationship status, something is up. If he was actually into you, then he’d want to brag about you to all his friends.

10. He never initiates the conversation. Most of the time, you have to initiate the conversation twice in a row, because he ignores you the first time. Badgering him is the only way to get his attention.

11. He posts vague statuses about you. If you have an argument, and he makes a post about how girls get too clingy too quickly, he’s an ass. If he liked you, he’d respect you. And if he respected you, he wouldn’t make passive aggressive comments online, where everyone can see them.

12. Whenever he compliments you, he does it one-on-one. He never posts a comment where the rest of the world can see it. After you post a sexy selfie, you know you’re going to get a notification from him. One that says he messaged you. Privately.